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About 3Dresyns® certifications

The different existing ISO can be easily implemented in traditional single product design but becomes not implementable in our multivariable and multifunctional 3Dresyns business approach since our 3Dresyns portfolio includes online custom ordering of complex multivariable and multifunctional products.

We have already over 2300 Basic SKUs of our basic product references which can be converted automatically into billions of Final SKUs by adding different levels of functionality online.

Over 2000 colors and up to 4 functional additives among around 50 can be custom added and ordered for online custom design of ready to use of billions of materials choices.

The ISO 9000 family has a limited view with regards the handling of billions of materials choices!

Our multifunctional business approach and offering require innovative Quality Management Systems, which cannot be contemplated in the existing traditional management systems of ISO.

On-site / off-site and second-party ISO audits
A second-party audit is when a customer performs an audit of a supplier to ensure that they are meeting the requirements specified in the contract. These requirements may include special control over certain processes, requirements on traceability, documentation, records, etc... In non sensitive businesses t
hese audits can be done on-line or even off-site by reviewing documents submitted by the supplier.

Our business model is an efficient multivariable & multifunctional online service, not a face-to-face showroom, designed to give fast and reliable online solutions to existing unmet customer and market needs related to 3D printing. 

3Dresyns customers are not allowed to perfom any on-site / off-site second-party audits for security reasons, since our confidential information, trade secrets, know how and facilities have restricted access to protect us and our customers, to fully comply with our existing NDAs and security policies.

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