Most of the Company made to order products have an expiration date of 12 months after manufacturing. Since manufacturing is made to order, products are fresh, consequently the manufacturing date is just after the invoice date. The products shelf life is extended to its maximum, having in practice  a shelf life of above 2-3 years if kept in the dark protected from light, moisture and heat (temperature should be kept below 25-30ºC). Some specialty products, such as some conductive and ultra fast resins and additives, may have a shorter shelflife since they are sensitive to temperatures above 20-30ºC. It is highly recommended to keep specialty 3D resins and additives, such as conductive and ultra fast resins, in the fridge between 5ºC and 20ºC to prevent any premature polymerisation. 

The expiration dates of most of our products are reported on the label of each orederd product:

  • Expiration date: Invoice or order date + 1 year (for most products)

Some conductive resins, not additives, may have an expiration date of 3-6 months after ordering date.