3Dresyns has the broadest range of biocompatible, renewable, and bio-based 3Dresyns in the market. The basic components of our bio-based 3Dresyns are “green” and are mainly based on natural biological derivatives, which are synthetically functionalized to react with light. Our Biocompatible 3D resins exhibit a broad range of physical properties, from ultra hard and tough (non brittle) to flexible and elastic grades and can be custom designed for the manufacturing of medical  devices.

Our Biocompatible bio-based 3Dresyns are mainly synthetically funtionalized bio-based 3D resins made from "bio plastics" and renewable biological sources with excellent mechanical properties and print quality.

3Dresyns is globally the first and only 3D resin supplier selling "monomer free" biocompatible 3D resins, colors and additives with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) with non toxic raw materials and without any toxicity risk hazard pictograms.

Our "monomer free" reactive resins do not contain any monomers as supplied. They have been designed to reduce the risk of monomer extraction. On the other hand, our monomer based 3Dresyns use safe bio monomers for maximum safety.