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3D-ADD AA1 Adhesive Additive for adhesion on difficult surfaces

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 3D-ADD AA1 Adhesive Additive has these features and benefits:

  • universal adhesive additive which can be added to any SLA, DLP & LCD 3D resin  to promote adhesion on difficult surfaces and build platforms, such as metals, glass, etc...
  • clear liquid
  • promotes excellent adhesion on metals, glass and plastics
  • very low viscosity, <50 cps
  • recommended dosage: 1-5%. Add & mix it well with the 3D resin
  • organo-tin free

It is supplied as a kit, which contains the product, one graduated beaker and one empty 250 mL black bottle to measure, mix, keep and protect the 3D resins from daylight. Please do not expose any 3D resins to natural or room light to prevent their curing.