3D-ADD STAB1, our clear stabilizer additive for increasing the shelf life several years of any 3D resin

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3D-ADD STAB1, our clear in-can stabilizer or polimerization inhibitor additive for increasing several years the long term stability in liquid form, or the shelf life, of our liquid resins. It improves the storage stability significantly acting as an efficient scavenger -without reducing the cure speed significantly- of any potential initiating reactive groups, which can prematurely initiate the homopolymerization, decreasing the storage stability of any photopolymer 3D resin.
The recommended typical dosage of 3D-ADD STAB1 is c0.5-1% above resin solids.  Features:
  • clear to preserve the clarity and non yellowing of clear 3D resin systems
  • increased shelf life, storage stability and polymerisation inhibition up to several years
  • additions of up to 3-5% by weight are recommended for preserving the long term shelf life, in liquid form, of any photopolymer 3D resin kept at high temperature environments
3D-ADD STAB1 is supplied as a kit, which contains 1 dispenser (dropper) with 60 mL of 3D-ADD STAB1, 1 measuring flask to measure exactly the volume of 3Dresyns and 1 empty 250 mL black bottle to mix, keep and protect fine tuned liquid 3Dresyns from day light. Please do not expose 3Dresyns  to direct natural or artificial room  light to prevent curing.

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