3D-ADD UVP1, clear UV protection additive

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3D-ADD UVP1 is our Clear UV Protection additive for protecting 3Dresyns against degradation caused by long term UV light exposure.
It protects 3D printed 3Dresyns from UVA (320 to 400 nm), UVB (280 to 320 nm) and UVC (200 to 280 nm). 
It is a 100% Safe Biocompatible UV light protective additive with a Material Safety Data Sheet "MSDS" free of hazards and pictograms. 
Its recommended dosage is:
  • between 3-5% in high power SLA laser based and DLP printers
  • between 0.5-1% in low power SLA LCD printers to preserve printability 

Excessive dosage will slow down print speed, consequently add it carefully in successive steps of 0.5-1%, keeping in mind that overdosing can slow down printing speed beyond your expectations. Its use can replace the need of using any of our Fine Tuners LB  "resolution increasers" to avoid over decreasing printing speed.      

3D-ADD UVP1 is supplied as a kit, which contains 1 dispenser (dropper) with 60 mL of 3D-ADD UVP1, 1 measuring flask to measure exactly the volume of 3Dresyns and 1 empty 250 mL black bottle to mix, keep and protect fine tuned liquid 3Dresyns from day light. Please do not expose 3Dresyns  to direct natural or artificial room  light to prevent curing.

Instructions about how to fine tune 3Dresyns to your printer settings. For more info click here