3Dresyn ASC1, anti sedimentation concentrate

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3Dresyn ASC1 has these features and benefits:

  • ultra effective anti-sedimentation concentrate for optimum suspension stability of pigments, fillers, organic, inorganic, ceramic and metal nano and micro powders
  • ultra effective suspension stabiliser of a broad range of organic, inorganic and metallic nano and micro powders
    • ideal for stabilising in suspersion pigments, fillers, ceramics and metal particles at low viscosities and excellent flow, without sdimentation issues
    • optimum dosage below 5-10% of total resin solids for stabilising low, medium and high viscosity systems containing micron and nano particles
    • optimum dosage below <5% of total resin solids for stabilising pigments in suspension at low pigment dosage
    • whitish paste which does not affect the color strength of colored 3Dresyns
    • excellent stability without any gellation issues
    • excellent flow and suspension stability balance
  • compatible with all our SLA DLP and LCD 3Dresyns
  • safe for handling and final users
  • Available in 3 versions:
    • Lipophilic LP version with HLB: < 7.5 (Ultra Low Water Absorption ULWA grades)
    • Medium Hydrophilicity MHP version with HLB: 7.5-12
    • High Hydrophilicity HHP version with HLB: >12