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3Dresyn CG1 Clear Glass

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3Dresyn CG1 Clear Glass has these features and benefits:

  • adjustable glass concentration to your printer specifications
  • only sold as customised product due to high technical requirements of this high glass content material
  • very high resolution 3D printing for very high detail and resolution applications
  • also suitable for moulding and UV curing
  • high print quality and speed with curing wavelengths up to 410 nm and higher upon request
  • controlled and reproducible process shrinkage
  • excellent partial chemical debinding for faster thermal debinding with less risk of micro cracking
  • minimum expansion coefficient and wide temperature interval of debinding to prevent micro-fractures
  • very high resolution of 20 microns of final products
  • reproducible shrinkage after sintering
  • printable by SLA DLP & LCD 3D printers ideally with heating
  • increased durability of the resin tank
  • final sintering temperature 1300C 
  • final density of 3D printed clear glass: 2.2 g/cc