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3Dresyn EP4 RTD90 MF, Rigid & Tough, Ultra Hard, Ultra Safe & Bio for "Emergency Printing" of rigid parts, such as respirator turbines, fans, blades

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Our new 3D resyn EP4 RTD90 is our Ultra Safe & Biocompatible 3D resin for "Emergency Printing" of rigid parts, such as respirators.  It is ideal for "Emergency Printing" of heat resistant respirator fans. It is supplied as samples with no profit  to those needed customers who can justify their lack of resources.

Our goal is to support society Worldwide in this difficult pandemic scenario to provide 3D resins for printing parts for hospital use.

3Dresyn EP4 RTD90 has these features and benefits:

  • Rigid & Tough, rigid with excellent heat resistance to avoid deformation of respirator turbines, fans, blades, etc..
  • supplied in two colors: black and cyan
  • Ultra Safe
  • ultra hard, Shore D90
  • designed for fast printing and easy and fast fine tuning to different printer settings
  • very rigid even at 100C, ideal for withstanding heat without deformation 
  • medium good impact and shattering resistance
  • synthetic resin source
  • biocompatible
  • very high tensile strength, 60-70 MPa
  • very hard and rigid with minor flexibility (Young modulus >3000 MPa)
  • elongation <5%
  • durable
  • very high resolution
  • very low shrinkage
  • printable by most commercial and professional SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers
  • color stability: non settling of color
  • increased durability of the resin tank
  • organo-tin free