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3Dresyn PEEK-like, Polyetheretherketone like

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3Dresyn PEEK-like has these features and benefits:

  • similar properties to Polyetheretherketone PEEK but relatively slighlty lower mechanical and thermal strength but superior appearance, hydrophobicity, water, chemical resistance and cost effectiveness vs PEEK
  • Monomer Free MF for increased biocompatibility 
  • choose LV version for a relatively Low Viscosity version <6000 cps at 25ºC for printing without heated printers or below 25ºC
  • choose HV version for a relatively High Viscosity version <8000 cps at 25ºc for printing with heated printers or above 25ºC, for overall improved durability  and mechanical properties
  • clear light orange finishing unless your chosen color is added online
  • add radio opaque functionality by selecting 3D-ADD ROC1 as optional functionality in the optional functionality menu above
  • Tensile strength >50 MPa 
  • ultra high flexural strength at break >140 MPa
  • ultra tough and rigid (Young modulus 2500-3700 MPa)
  • high impact, wear, shattering and fracture resistance (Notched Izod >30 J/m)
  • 100% biocompatible, implantable and food grade
  • ideal for engineering applications where high toughness and rigidity are required
  • ideal for printing frames for dentures bases
  • excellent chemical resistance, including to concentrated sulphuric acid
  • excellent temperature resistance
    • excellent resistance to boiling water and sterilisation
  • water solubility: ≤ 1,6 µg/mm3
  • hydrophobic, ultra low water absorption ULWA≤ 32 µg/mm3
  • high Deflection Temperature >100-120ºC@0.45MPa
  • lightweight, density is 1.0-1.1 gram/cm3
  • ultra pure and safe, non cytotoxic
  • hydrophobic, ultra low water absorption ULWA
  • high dimensional stability even at high temperature
  • ideal for engineering and  biomedical systems
  • high hardness, Shore hardness D85-90 range
  • elongation <3%
  • Glass transition temperature >100-120ºC
  • very low shrinkage
  • printable by SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers
  • increased durability of the resin tank
  • metal and organo-tin free
  • follow our detailed Instructions for Use "IFU"