Continuous multiwavelength additive manufacturing


Continuous multiwavelength stereolithographic printing is an ultra rapid continuous stereolithographic additive manufacturing technique which uses two light wavelengths to print 3D resin systems. 

A visible blue light wavelength can be used to print ultra rapid and continuously, while simultaneously an ultraviolet UV light wavelength (365 nm) can be used to create an inhibition zone, where the photo polymerisation reaction is inhibited in the resin FEP interface, decreasing the adhesion of the resin to the FEP, permitting ultra fast and continuous printing, overcoming the need of the conventional layer by layer slower printing systems.

The second UV light wavength inhibits the reaction similarly to the effect of atmospheric oxygen permitting the use of non porous standard cost effective FEP films.

The main benefit of this technology is that smooth (layer free) ultra fast print speeds can be achieved since the uv light activated inhibiting reaction does not compete nor slows down the kinetics (print speed) of the visible light photopolymerisation reaction.

This technology also permits the use of fully biocompatible fine tuning additives, to say, photo catalysts and inhibitors, making it ideal for safer biomedical applications.

Conventional layer by layer deposition printing technologies of existing SLA, DLP, LCD and inkjet printing systems may have several quality limitations such as anisotropy, reflected in differential morphology between the cured layer and its interlayer interface, suffering potential interlayer mechanical weakness in the z layer direction.

The 3Dresyns team has the expertise to custom design Continuous Multiwavelength Additive Manufacturing CMWAM 3D resins for different CMWAM printers and for your specific 3D printer setup, to meet specific performance properties and benefits, such as:

  • isotropic mechanical properties and morphology
  • increased biocompatibility
  • ultra fast printability 
  • availability of colors
  • excellent printability of sticky resins,  well known for their difficult printability by conventional layer by layer 3D printing systems
  • availability of a broad range of photoactive fully biocompatible fine tuning additives at different light wavelengths
    • biocompatible visible accelerants or photocatalysts with no pictograms, neither risk nor safety phrases
    • biocompatible uv light blockers and reaction inhibitors with no pictograms, neither risk nor safety phrases

    Please contact us to consult about our custom designed Continuous Multi-Wavelength Additive Manufacturing CMWAM for your specific printer setup and performance goals at: