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Multiwavelength additive manufacturing


Multiwavelength stereolithographic printing is an ultra rapid additive manufacturing technique which uses two or more light wavelengths to print 3D resin systems. 

The main benefit of this technology is that ultra fast print speeds can be achieved and permits the use of fully biocompatible resins and fine tuning additives, to say, photo accelerant systems, making it ideal for safer andsafer biomedical applications.

The 3Dresyns team has the expertise to custom design multiwavelength Volumetric Additive Manufacturing VAM 3D resins for different printer specifications and for your specific 3D printer setup, to meet specific performance properties.

We have launched a new series of 3D resins for Volumetric Additive Manufacturing "VAM" which are compatible with volumetric printers such as the Replicator, the new volumetric "Xolography" 3D printer XUBE by XOLO and other volumetric 3D printing systems

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      Please contact us to consult about our custom designed Continuous Multi-Wavelength VAM resins and additives for your specific printer setup and performance goals at:info@3Dresyns.com