Examples of compatible 3D printers with our 3Dresyns

Our 3Dresyns can be printed with a broad range of SLA, DLP & LCD printers, including Form 2, Form 3 (Formlabs), B9 (B9Creator), Perfactory and Aureus series (Envisiontec), XFAB series (DWS), FabPro, ProJet, Viper and NextDent 5100 (3Dsystems), ARM series (MonoFab), 3DLPrinter (Robofactory), Rapid400 (Prismlab), Series Xands (Rapidshape), Promaker series (Prodways), , Litho series (Illuminaid), MiiCraft series (MiiCraft), Titan1 and 2 (Kudo3D), LittleRP, Ember DLP 3D (Autodesk), Raplas RPS SLA (Raplas), SP4300, SP6200 (Kevvox), DLP machine (Atum3D), Carima C-CAT DLP (Carima), Pegasus and Phoenix Touch (SFL3D9), Draken (3D Facture), ShareBot, 3DWARF (Futur3D), Solus DLP (Reify3D), Ilios Ray and HD Kit (Ilios), Totem3D (Totem3D), mUVe 3D DLP (mUVe 3D), 3DLPrinter (Robotfactory), Deep Imager 5 (Elite ImageWorks), M-ONE+,M-JEWERLY (MakeX), Solidator (tangible engineering), DentalFab, Eve Pro, Versus (Microlay), D2K Illuminate, Anycubic, Anet, Phenom (Peopoly Moai), Zortrax, Lumen X (Cellink), Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), Phrozen, Creality, HeyGears, Anycubic DLP Ultra, Anycubic Photon D2, and other professional SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers such as these recently launched SLA LCD 3D printers: 

Anycubic Photon ZeroPhrozen Sonic MiniElegoo Mars/ProAnycubic Photon SPhrozen Sonic Mini 4KElegoo Mars 2/ProPhrozen SonicPhrozen Shuffle/4KAnycubic Photon Mono SECreality LD-002HAnycubic Photon MonoZortrax InkspirePhrozen Shuffle XLUniz Slash+/CElegoo SaturnAnycubic Photon XAnycubic Photon Mono XPeopoly PhenomPhrozen Transform 4K/Fast 4KPeopoly LPeopoly Phenom XXLEpax X1-NOriginal Prusa SL1

Our SLA, DLP & LCD 3D resins are made to order for your printer model specifications!