Read these articles related to 3Dresyns products and technologies published in the international journal "nature", world-renowned  for publishing the finest peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology.

In this paper published in "nature" our water soluble sacrifical resins were used for printing sacrificial materials:

Our sacrificial resins have also been studied in this publication: 

 In this paper published in "nature" our NextGen 3Dresyn TD90 was studied:

Read an interview to 3Dresyns in: 
3Dresyns was reviewed in:

Discover this video of applications of our 3Dresyns in Hackaday: 

3Dresyns is committed to design and develop new materials and processes for 3D printing. Feel free to explore and discover more about 3Dresyns top player role in these international market analysis reports:

    The demmand of Dental 3D printing materials is growing significantly and 3Dresyns goal is to actively develop safer and safer materials. Please feel free to explore and discover more about 3Dresyns top player role in these international dental market analysis reports:

    The biocompatible 3D printing materials market is also growing significantly as highlighted in these market forecasts, where 3Dresyns is considered one of the top players:

    Our biocompatible 3D resins are biocompatible because their components are safe (non toxic) and are mainly based on pure and safe biological and synthetic derivatives, which are synthetically functionalized to react with light.

    Click on the links below to discover 3Dresyns key contribution to continuously develop safer and safer 3D resins:

        3Dresyns Cleaning Fluids, Cure tester and Purification kit have been recently reviewed in Impresion3Daily as ideal cleansers of printed parts :

        3Dresyns biocompatible and ultra safe monomer free resins are unique and the first "monomer free" 3D resin in the market for printing biomedical devices. Discover more about 3Dresyns monomer free resins in these scientific papers:

        Discover some more examples of dental publications where 3Dresyns is reviewed and considered as one of the key innovators in the Dental 3D printing market:

          Our 3D resins for hearing devices "otoplastics" have been studied recently in this scientific publication: 

          3Dresyns functional resins are being implemented and used in few engineering applications

          such as the automotive production lines of Volvo, see page 14 at: 

          3Dresyns contribution to the Lost Wax Casting Process is summarised in detailed in this paper: 

            Read this article about our ESD resins:

            Read this article about our conductive 3D resins:

              3Dresyns has been actively fighting against COVID-19 pandemic and have donated resins to prints swabs, masks and respirators:

              3Dresyns is also collaborating with over a 100 Research Institutes and Organisations, such as the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) to develop added value materials for benefiting Society and are comitted to develop new products and technologies to provide safe and environmrentally friendly added value products to industry and consumers. Discover more examples of top publications where our our 3Dresyns products were studied :

              3Dresyns is considered as a top startup as highlighted in this article:

              3Dresyns biocompatible and ultra fast resins have also been reviewed in this article:

              3Dresyns bio based resins have also been reviewed in these articles:

              3Dresyn CT Clear & Tough MF Monomer Free gave the best results in this study:

              3Dresyns Volumetric Additive Manufacturing VAM resins have also been reviewed in this article:

              3Dresyns natural amber and emerald jade resins have also been reviewed in these articles:

              Printing of glass is posible with 3Dresyns custom designed glass resins:

              3Dresyns is the first supplier of antimicrobial Copper additives for SLA printing:

              3Dresyns unique chemical resistant resin 3Dresyn CR UHT has given excellent performance in this article: 

              3Dresyn Bioflex D60 MF was tested in this study:

              Read this interview to 3Dresyns CTO/CEO Dr. Juan Segurola:

              Discover more publications where our resins were evaluated: