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3Dresyn Bio D, degradable resin

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3Dresyn Bio D is a Biodegradable 3D resin which has been designed for eco friendly SLA 3D printing. 3Dresyn Bio D contains:

The goal of this product line is to promote the usage of biodegradable SLA 3D printing by developing eco friendly resins made with biodegradable ingredients.

3Dresyn Bio D breaks down biologically into biological simpler substances through the action of enzymes from microorganisms, already incorporated to speed up the biodegradation process. When this process is completed, the initial organic substances are entirely converted into simple inorganic molecules such as water and carbon dioxide.

The main advantages of SLA vs FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) or filament printing is higher resolution and definition of prints, broader range and improved material properties. One of the key disadvantages that has limited the promotion of stereolithography in homes and schools has been that commercial SLA 3D resins are not environmentally friendly, nor biodegradable nor safe for health nor for the environment.

Another limitation of SLA 3D printing has been its secrecy related to its basic fundamentals, creating a sense of mistery and frustrating "blax box" testing.

In order to unboxing the "blax box" and promote scientific teaching and safe printing, the 3Dresyns team has designed these simple, scientific and reliable 3D printing and tuning guidelines to ensure a clear and deep understanding of SLA 3D printing fundamentals.

One of the key objectives of 3Dresyns is to design, make and promote safe and environmentally friendly 3D resins to ensure safe printing resin handling and disposal.

This product line has been designed to be environmentally friendly and exhibits these features and benefits:

  • environmentally safe and biodegradable by heat, light and microorganisms / bacterii
  • odorless
  • hard with certain flexibility, Shore hardness D70
  • compatible with most commercial SLA DLP printers
  • biodegradable, without any toxic pictograms
  • Transition metals free
  • to be used with our safe resolution increaser Fine Tuner LB1 Bio
  • monitoring of degradation can be done with our Degradation Tester

    Note: Despite the high safety standards of this product line, gloves and goggles need to be used when handling these and any other chemicals to ensure maximum safety practices.