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Cleaning Paste CP1 Bio, Cleaning & Polishing paste

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Cleaning Paste CP1 Bio is our paste for cleaning and polishing 3D prints and plastic parts, including dirty and damaged LCD screens and printer covers. It is safe, biocompatible and does not attack surfaces nor the color of 3D printed resins or plastic parts.
Features & benefits:
  • excellent cleaning and polishing performance
  • Mohs hardness 1
  • excellent surface repairing properties by forming a protective clear coating
  • non abrasive nor aggresive to delicate parts
  • eco friendly and ultra safe, based on natural raw materials
  • biocompatible, non hazardous, free of hazards, pictograms and risk phrases
  • non-allergenic, non-cytotoxic
  • does not attack plastics nor causes any damage nor breaking
  • stable whitish paste
  • ideal for rotary tooling and manual applications
  • easy to use
  • organo-tin free