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Customisation Services

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Customisation services of custom designed SLA, DLP & LCD 3Dresyns!

Achievable properties:

  • biobased and synthetic biocompatible resin systems
  • Shore Hardness from ultra hard D90 to very soft O30
  • Deflection temperatures from c.290ºC to <-50ºC
  • Flexural strength up to 110 MPa
  • % elongation from <1% to >>300%
  • compliancy with the Quality requirements for the manufacturing of medical devices with Class I, IIa & IIb and III of ISO13485:2016 and ISO10993:
  • and more, such as custom designed water soluble resin systems for printing sacrificial molds

Customisation Services by technology in order of complexity and costs:

  • basic functional conventional plastic material (15.000 Euro) 
  • basic functional engineering material (15.000 Euro) 
  • basic functional dental and biomedical material (class I) (30.000 Euro) 
  • basic functional dental and biomedical material (class II) (50.000 Euro) 
  • basic functional dental and biomedical material (class III) (60.000 Euro) 
  • high tech custom material (60.000 Euro) 
  • advanced custom material (TBD)

    The 3Dresyns Team has a strong scientific background in photopolymer design, including functional engineering materials and biocompatible and biodegradable resin systems.

    3Dresyns will find solutions to your unmet needs bringing our know-how, experience, facilities, photopolymer design and 3D printing and applications expertise to help you solve your specific project goals.

    3Dresyns innovative product customisation solutions:

    • design of on-demand functional, biobased and biocompatible polymers possessing specific functional performance properties, including durable and recyclable bio plastics


    • understanding and analysis of your existing needs and goals: you will need to describe your specific technical and safety requirements in order of importance of your goal custom designed 3D resin
    • design of a project proposal: we will design a customised 3D resin for your evaluation and testing
    • discussion and revision: after testing the material in your facility it will be either redesigned if required in our facilities or validated if the product meets your specifications
    • final validation and approval of the project proposal: after initial validation, final validation will be undertaken by you in your facilities or by third party facilities at your expense* 

        About our customisation products and services

        Our customised products and services provide solutions to existing unmet market needs of the 3D printing industry.

        We can provide the widest range of custom designed products covering the widest range of 3D printing technologies and applications, resulted of our experience in photopolymer science. Our advantages and benefits:

        • fast new product development
        • unique technology combining functionality and ecology
        • competitive prices
        • renewable source materials and greener processes

        Biobased and biocompatible photopolymer resins

        We can custom design for you 3D printing bio polymers and bio resins, made from renewable resources, which will be produced using proprietary innovative technological raw materials and processes. Our products can be designed  in a wide range of functionalities and performance properties to meet your specific application and process needs.


        • biocompatible, environmentally and user friendly/safe
        • superior mechanical properties and excellent performance over a wide range of response conditions
        • customised reactivity & functionality
        • superior chemical stability for durable systems
        • superior biodegradability for temporary systems


        Our custom designed 3D resins are ideal for superior performance and functionality, such as high resilience and impact resistance properties of even tough and rigid grades thanks to our new "resilient and ultra tough segment backbones. Their functional groups react selectively with affinic functional groups within the 3D polymer matrix, with maximum process control.

        They can be custom designed for a broad range of high added value functional applications including engineering, dental and biomedical materials, etc.

          *Note: our customisation services include the design of 3D resins with previous agreement of the achievable properties, but do not include the printing nor any physical, mechanical and biocompatibility testing which will need to be undertaken by the customers or by third party facilities at their expense.

          Besides contracting our 3D resins customisation services for new product design, it is highly recommended contracting also our consulting services of Full 3D Printing Systems solutions for designing  your optimum 3D printing setups and protocols. Consult us about your specific performance goals at: info@3Dresyns.com