Degradation Tester for monitoring the degradation of 3D prints

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Our new Degradation Tester is a fast, simple and reliable system for monitoring the degradation of 3D prints.

Degradation Test

This degradation test is based on applying a drop of the Degradation Tester (a red colored liquid which turns yellow upon formation of acidic byproducts originated during the biodegradation process) on the surface of the 3D prints (exposed surface). After certain time the liquid can be evaluated visually. If the liquid becomes yellow reflects that the degradation of the prints has started by formation of acidic byproducts resulting from the degradation process. This degradation test can also be done by dipping the 3D prints in the Degradation Tester and monitor color shift with time.

    Our Degradation Tester is supplied as a kit, which contains 1 dispenser (dropper) containing 250 mL of our red liquid Degradation Tester and 1 empty flask to inmerse the prints and monitoring degradation upon time.