Fine Tuner FT5 Bio WS Water Soluble ultra safe "bio photo accelerant" for Water Soluble UV & Visible up to 500 nm 3D printers and 100% Biocompatible systems

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Fine Tuner FT5 Bio WS is a Water Soluble 100% biocompatible photo accelerant additive especially recommended for increasing the cure speed of hydrophillic, water soluble / compatible 3Dresyns in SLA, DLP 3D printers and bioplotters working with Ultraviolet and Visible light from 150 to 500 nm: including the medium and near UV range, as well as the visible range: daylight, visible lasers, LEDS and DLP projectors .
Fine Tuner FT5 Bio WS is 100% safe and biocompatible and does not have any risk phrases nor pictograms!
If you need non water soluble 100% biocompatible  accelerant additives please click on: Fine Tuner FT4 Bio

    The use of Fine Tuner FT5 Bio WS is ideal for increasing the print speed of water soluble / compatible biocompatible resin systems in Ultraviolet and Visible SLA, DLP printers and bioplotters since it is an ultra safe, not cytotoxic, water soluble 100% biocompatible material (without any labels/pictograms).

    Its use is essential in UV/Visible 3D printers, which do not provide the option of changing neither the light power (mW/cm2) nor curing or exposure time (seconds), because speeds up the cure and fine tunes the quality of your prints.  Its usage is not especially recommended for low power printers, because of the resulting slow kinetics/long exposure times.

     Fine Tuner FT5 Bio WS is supplied as a kit, which contains 100 grams of an orange paste (which once dissolved in the resyn system becomes light yellow orange!), one measuring flask to measure exactly the minimum volume of 3Dresyns needed for fine tuning (dependant on minimum required printing volumen of individual resin tanks (vats)) and one empty 250 mL black bottle to mix, keep and protect fine tuned 3Dresyns from day light. Please do not expose 3Dresyns  to direct natural daylight or artificial room  light to prevent curing.


    Note:  Fine Tuner FT5 Bio WS is specially recommended for Ultraviolet & Visible  light wavelengths (150-500 nm range) and for medium and high light power printers (most SLA laser based and DLP printers). Its print speed can result being too slow in low power printers.

    Instructions about how to fine tune 3Dresyns to your printer settings. For more info click here

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