Fine Tuner LB1 Bio ULWA, resolution-er for improving resolution with ultra low water absorption

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Fine Tuner LB1 Bio ULWA is a 100% safe biocompatible resolution-er with ultra low water absorption (ULWA: <15 µg/mm3) and with a Material Safety Data Sheet "MSDS" free of hazards and pictograms, It is recommended to reduce Light Bleeding (LB) or undesired overcure in biomedical applications where the highest hidrphobicity, safety and biocompatibility standards are required.
Fine Tuner LB1 Bio ULWA is a clear resolution additive developed to improve XYZ resolution by reducing light penetration, scattering and overcure of prints beyond specifications and "support fusing or merging" of our resins in SLA DLP & LCD printers working with lights from 350 to 410 nm,  including 405 nm blue LEDs, lasers and standard DLP projectors and LCDs.

Fine Tuning 3D resins

If you are not fully satisfied with the resolution of your prints it is necessary to fine tune our resins to your printer settings. When the print exhibits poor resolution is usually due to excessive light penetration (Z axis) and/or scattering (XY axis), causing light bleeding beyond specifications in the XY or Z axis.

It is recommended the use of Fine Tuner LB1 Bio ULWA in steps of 0.5% to reduce gradually light penetration to avoid overcure of the resin beyond specifications and obtain optimum resolution of your prints for your specific printer settings.

The use of Fine Tuner LB1 Bio ULWA is essential for increasing the print resolution when printing clear and colored resins with SLA DLP & LCD 3D printers.

Fine Tuner LB1 Bio ULWA is supplied as a kit, which contains 1 dispenser (dropper) with 60 mL of LB1 Bio ULWA, 1 measuring flask to measure exactly the minimum volume of 3Dresyns needed for fine tuning (dependant on minimum required printing volumen of individual resin tanks) and 1 empty 250 mL black bottle to mix, keep and protect fine tuned 3Dresyns from day light. Please do not expose 3Dresyns to direct natural or artificial room  light to prevent curing.


Note: Fine Tuner LB1 Bio ULWA is as effective as Fine Tuner LB1 Bio and can be exchanged since both have the same performance yield as resolution-ers. Both are recommended for printers having UV/Visible  light wavelegths up to 410 nm (350-410 nm range), including 405 nm blue LEDs, lasers and standard DLP projectors and LCDs. Fine Tuner LB1 Bio ULWA tends to crystallise naturally. A gentle warming (use microwave with extreme caution, water bath is best) and shake will redissolve the crystals. Alternatively, it can be shaken by hand at room temperature to make a homogeneous mixture which can be added directly to the resin. Use it in steps of 0.5% until the depth of cure at long times (eg 100 seconds) is below 2-3 times the chosen z layer for printing.

Instructions about how to fine tune our 3Dresyns in your printer settings. For more info click here