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Piranha Bio solution for full cleansing, bleaching and etching of 3D prints

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Our Piranha Bio solution for full cleansing, bleaching and etching of 3D prints has been designed for chemically etching and bleaching your 3D prints. 

Our Piranha Bio solution is an aggresive organic cleansing system which chemically attacks / burns out organic contaminants, etching and bleaching delicate plastics and colors. Strong colors and plastics are not so prone to chemically attack nor of being damaged by Piranha Bio solution, which it will leave their surface clean, without contaminants.


  • excellent cleaning, etching and bleaching yield
    • acidic solution
  • excellent bleaching /whitening of clear prints
  • creates hydroxylation of most surfaces (adding functional hydroxy OH groups), increasing the hydrophilicity and potential reactivity for chemical bonding with compatible reactants
  • releases O2 gas after water addition
  • after use degrades in non toxic, eco friendly natural components

Chemical postcuring

Our Clear Piranha Bio solution chemically reacts also with any remaining unreacted resin or monomer left in the prints. Cleaning, etching and bleaching can be easily done by immersing or dipping completely your 3D prints inside a flask containing our clear Piranha Bio solution for 10-20 minutes at room temperature. 

After cleaning the prints in our Piranha Bio solution, prints have to be rinsed, as least twice, in water to eliminate any rest of Piranha Bio solution.

Our Piranha Bio solution is supplied as a kit, which contains one graduated beaker to inmerse the prints in the liquids , 4 bottles of 250 mL containing 15 grams of a white powder. Add 250 mL of water to each Piranha Bio solution bottle to make a 6% solution just before use for maximum cleaning yield (mix well for full powder dissolution).

Since the cleaning activity last for 10-20 minutes, it is recommended to make small quantities, just enough for the cleaning work, of the solutions at 6% active powder in water just before the cleaning, etching or bleaching work.

Read the MSDS (the kit contains corrosive chemicals), use gloves and goggles to avoid any contact with skin and eyes.

Note1: this kit is ideal for clear and for colored resins formulated with chemical resistant colorants/pigments, otherwise colors may fade.  

Note 2: Injected molded RTV silicones use platinum catalysts, which are inhibited by some chemicals contained in 3D printed molds, leaving the surface of the silicone sticky or uncured. The use of our Piranha Bio solution overcomes this common problem, by eliminating the inhibiting chemicals from the surface of 3D printed molds.