Thinner 3Dresyn E "Elastic diluent"

Thinner 3Dresyn E "Elastic diluent"

  • 25.00 €

Thinner 3Dresyn E is an Elastic diluent or thinner which has been developed to reduce the viscosity of our 3Dresyns and reduce light bleeding and overgrowth in the XYZ axis beyond specifications.

Thinner 3Dresyn E  has extremely low viscosity (<10 mPas) and it has been designed to reduce the viscosity and increase the Elasticity of any of our 3Dresyns, including our Ultra Hard & Tough (UHT), Ultra Hard & Flexible (UHF),  Hard & Flexible (HF), Flexible (F) and Soft (S) 3Dresyns without sacrificing twisting resistance nor foldability. Due to its intrinsic slow kinetics and composition can also be used with any resin to increase flexibility & elasticity, reduce shrinkage and  XY overgrowth and Z axis deep cure and supports fusing or merging.

This  thinner is ideal for printer users used to working with low viscosity 3D resins, despite their higher allergic skin and eye irritancy.  While they have been formulated to ensure safe handling, care has to be taken when handling these diluents/thinners.

Thinner 3Dresyn E has been formulated to be safe to use however causes skin irritation, serious eye irritation and may cause an allergic skin reaction (H315, H319, H317).

Thinner 3Dresyn E has these features and benefits:

    • extremely low viscosity, <10 mPas and excellent viscosity reduction
    • imparts Elasticity and 100% foldability without breaking
    • reduces light bleeding and XYZ overgrowth with minimum light blocker dosage 
    • synthetic resin source
    • low tensile strength <2 MPa
    • Elastic (Young modulus <<2 MPa)
    • extreme elongation c.100%
    • durable



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