“3Dresyns has developed the broadest range of biocompatible SLA DLP & LCD Dental 3D resins for printing dental and orthodontic devices, including ultra tough durable biocompatible materials used for making ultra resistant aligners, night guards, rigid and flexible dentures, durable crown and bridges, appliance models and surgical/drill guides"

Our biocompatible Orthodontic and Dental SLA DLP & LCD and Inkjet 3Dresyns are ideal for 3D printing the whole range of orthodontic and dental devices, including aligners, flexible and rigid night guards, duplication molds, positioners, bleaching splints, soft-hard contention appliance retainers and indirect bonding trays IBTs for locating accurately orthodontic brackets,  impression trays, gingiva masks, implant and appliance models, drill/surgical guides, Try In (including radio opaque versions), durable crown and bridges with all VITA tooth colors, durable rigid and flexible dentures in light, medium and dark gingiva colors, including gluing adhesives in gingiva color with excellent bonding strength of teeth and denture bases.

Discover our portfolio of Orthodontic & Dental SLA 3D resins: