Compatibility with SLA DLP & LCD 3D printers

Our 3D resins are compatible with SLA DLP & LCD 3D printers, using as light sources lasers, LEDs and standard visible DLP projectors with light wavelengths between 250-410 nm with our Print Quality Fine Tuner FT1 (and up to 440 nm with our Print Quality Fine Tuner FT2 Visible ) including blue & violet lasers and LEDs.

Our 3D resins are also compatible with daylight visible LCD 3D printers after increasing their curing speed with our Print Quality Fine Tuner FT2 Visible.

Overall Compatibility of our 3Dresyns with:

  • Standard visible DLP projectors (with and without uv filters) below and above 2000 Lumens 
  • blue & violet lasers and LEDS from 20 mW to 300 mW and higher power and with wavelengths from 250 to 440 nm
  • low, medium and high power LCDs, including daylight visible LCDs

Our 3Dresyns are also compatible with Form1, Form1+, Form2 (Formlabs), B9 (B9Creator), Perfactory and Aureus series (Envisiontec), Pico and Pro series (Asiga), XFAB series (DWS), ProJet, Viper (3Dsystems), ARM series (MonoFab), 3DLPrinter (Robofactory), Rapid400 (Prismlab), Series Xands (Rapidshape), Promaker series (Prodways), , Litho series (Illuminaid), MiiCraft series (MiiCraft), Titan1 and 2 (Kudo3D), LittleRP, Ember DLP 3D (Autodesk), Raplas RPS SLA (Raplas), SP4300, SP6200 (Kevvox), DLP machine (Atum3D), Carima C-CAT DLP (Carima), Pegasus and Phoenix Touch (SFL3D9), Draken (3D Facture), ShareBot, 3DWARF (Futur3D), Solus DLP (Reify3D), Ilios Ray and HD Kit (Ilios), Stalactite 102 (Stalactite3D), Totem3D (Totem3D), mUVe 3D DLP (mUVe 3D), 3DLPrinter (Robotfactory), Deep Imager 5 (Elite ImageWorks), M-ONE+,M-JEWERLY (MakeX), Solidator (tangible engineering), DentalFab (Microlay)  and other professional and DIY SLA DLP 3D printers.

Compatibility with Daylight  Liquid Crystal Display LCD 3D printers

All our 3D resins, after increasing the curing speed with our Print Quality  Fine Tuner FT2   at relatively médium and high dosage can cure and print fast with daylight LCD 3D printers based on Liquid Crystal Displays LCD screens, such as Liquid Crystal LC,  LCHR and LCPro (Photocentric), Slash (Uniz 3D), etc, and other DIY SLA LCD 3D printers.

One of the  "Benefits" of our "daylight" 3D resins vs some commercial daylight 3D resins is that do not contain any toxic raw materials, nor can cause any hazards:

    Our 3Dresyns are safe (non toxic) & biocompatible and can be handle wifth safety by both 3D printers and final users.

    Note: We do not provide RFID cards nor accept any legal liability by the use or misuse, despite being technically compatible, of our 3Dresyns in proprietary resin cartridges containing transmitters. The transmitter of the cartridge sends a signal e.g. to a RFID chip within the 3D printer, only permitting “in principle”, unless "overcome the restriction",  the use of resins supplied by original 3D printer manufacturers.

    Print Quality Fine-Tuner FT1 and FT2 Visible

    As introduced before we have developed two additives to adjust the curing speed and resolution of our 3Dresyns to your 3D printer: Print Quality Fine Tuner FT1 and Print Quality Fine Tuner FT2 Visible , both have been designed to help you to attain the best achievable print speed and quality from any SLA DLP and LCD 3D printer working with  ultraviolet and visible wavelengths up to 410 and 440 nm respectively. Print Quality Fine Tuner FT2 Visible is around as twice as reactive as FT1.