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Made to order 3Dresyns® for most SLA, DLP, LCD & Inkjet 3D printers



Compatibility with most photopolymer SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers

Our "made to order" 3D resins come as standard ready to print. You will be pleased to find that their performance (printability and mechanical properties) far exceeds our competitor’s resins.

How can we make compatible 3D resins for different 3D printers? 

Our 3Dresyns are tuned and made to order by adapting our different 3D resin formulations to the different  specifications of existing SLA, DLP and LCD 3D printers.

We provide easy to follow and detailed instructions upon request after ordering for easy & fast finding the best printing settings in your printer. 

Features & Benefits of our 3Dresyns:

  • compatible with most SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers using  lasers, DLP projectors and LCDs with light wavelengths between 150-410 nm, and up to 500 nm with our visible photoaccelerant additives
  • designed and adjusted to your printer specifications (light wavelength and power)

Examples of compatible 3D printers with our 3Dresyns

Our 3Dresyns can be printed with a broad range of SLA, DLP & LCD printers, including Form 2, Form 3 (Formlabs), B9 (B9Creator), Perfactory and Aureus series (Envisiontec), XFAB series (DWS), FabPro, ProJet, Viper and NextDent 5100 (3Dsystems), ARM series (MonoFab), 3DLPrinter (Robofactory), Rapid400 (Prismlab), Series Xands (Rapidshape), Promaker series (Prodways), , Litho series (Illuminaid), MiiCraft series (MiiCraft), Titan1 and 2 (Kudo3D), LittleRP, Ember DLP 3D (Autodesk), Raplas RPS SLA (Raplas), SP4300, SP6200 (Kevvox), DLP machine (Atum3D), Carima C-CAT DLP (Carima), Pegasus and Phoenix Touch (SFL3D9), Draken (3D Facture), ShareBot, 3DWARF (Futur3D), Solus DLP (Reify3D), Ilios Ray and HD Kit (Ilios), Totem3D (Totem3D), mUVe 3D DLP (mUVe 3D), 3DLPrinter (Robotfactory), Deep Imager 5 (Elite ImageWorks), M-ONE+,M-JEWERLY (MakeX), Solidator (tangible engineering), DentalFab, Eve Pro, Versus (Microlay), D2K Illuminate, Anycubic, Anet, Phenom (Peopoly Moai), Zortrax, Lumen X (Cellink), Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), Phrozen, Creality, HeyGears, Anycubic DLP Ultra and other professional SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers such as these recently launched SLA LCD 3D printers: 

Anycubic Photon ZeroPhrozen Sonic MiniElegoo Mars/ProAnycubic Photon SPhrozen Sonic Mini 4KElegoo Mars 2/ProPhrozen SonicPhrozen Shuffle/4KAnycubic Photon Mono SECreality LD-002HAnycubic Photon MonoZortrax InkspirePhrozen Shuffle XLUniz Slash+/CElegoo SaturnAnycubic Photon XAnycubic Photon Mono XPeopoly PhenomPhrozen Transform 4K/Fast 4KPeopoly LPeopoly Phenom XXLEpax X1-NOriginal Prusa SL1

Our SLA, DLP & LCD 3D resins are made to order for your printer model specifications!

Compatibility with Formlabs printers

Most of our 3Dresyns can be printed with the Form 2 in open mode using Formlabs Clear v2 and in the Form 3 using Standard Clear or Grey settings with a universal cartridge system.

Some multifunctional 3Dresyns may need tuning with our Fine tuner FT1 and LB1 Bio to print them in specific printing specifications, such as specific z layers.

Our 3Dresyns can be divided in two groups: basic and multifunctional resins.

Our basic 3Dresyns are our 3D resins before any optional extra functionality is added online by you during ordering. After functional additives are added to our basic 3Dresyns they become multifunctional 3Dresyns, which require more experticise and control of their 3D printing settings.

Over 2000 colors and up to 4 functional additives among around 50 can be added online to over 2300 3Dresyns for online custom design of ready to use of billions of materials.

Additionally, around 65 functional additives can also be purchased separately for addition by your own at your chosen dosage to meet your exact specifications.

This optional multifunctional offering may appear overwhelming to new comers to 3D printing. If you want to keep it simple, then do not add any of the optional functional additives to your order. Just ignore the bunch of offered options!

If you want to play and need specific functionality or performance to meet your unmet needs, then explore our impressive multifunctional offering!

Due to this challenging multifunctional 3D resins offering, "black box" printers and specially closed mode printers, such as the Formlabs Form 2 and 3, may require further tuning or adjustment for optimum printing performance (printing speed and resolution) at your specific printing specifications, such as your chosen z layer thickness at your specific printer specifications.

About tuning 3D resins for custom increasing of printing speed and resolution

Our 3Dresyns may be easily tuned or adjusted by you for optimum printing speed and resolution with our Fine Tuners FT1 and LB1 Bio:

  • Fine Tuner FT1 is our favourite general purpose "photoaccelerant" which has been designed to adjust and boost the print speed of our 3Dresyns to different SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers working with ultraviolet and visible wavelengths up to 410 nm . 
  • Fine Tuner LB1 Bio is our general purpose clear resolution increaser or resolution-er, which has been designed for improving resolution and detail of prints by reducing light bleeding and undesired overcure of our clear and colored resins. It is recommended for improving XYZ resolution and reducing overcure and "support fusing or merging" of clear and colored 3D resins in SLA, DLP & LCD printers working with lights from 350 to 410 nm,  including 405 nm LEDs, lasers and standard DLP projectors and LCDs. An ultra low water absorption version is also available: Fine Tuner LB1 Bio ULWA

About tuning your printer for printing safer and higher performing resins

  • Discover the benefits of printing with heated printers since for a small investment of 50 Euro a heating unit can be easily installed by yourself in your existing printer 
  • heated printers permit the printing of ultra tough resins with improved biocompatibility and safety

Note: If you still need certain specific performance to suit your individual printer settings and specific product design, then we offer even more fine tuning additives, such as around 9 resolutioners for improving the resolution or detail of your 3D prints and around 7 photoaccelerants for adjusting the printing speed, and even more detailed consulting services that will help you to enhance those properties.

3Dresyns goals are your own goals

3Dresyns goal is to offer a full range of ready from the bottle solutions as well a full range of fine tuning functional chemicals and processes to give you the possibility of adjusting and designing materials to meet your specifications.

This is offered for systems ranging from simple hobby type use (basic 3D resins), through to complex cutting edge solutions using high end “technical” and “commercial production” printers with multifunctional resins designed to do exactly what you want.

Don´t accept second best. Don´t accept trying to find and use a "one size fits all" type solution that does not offer you the best possible answer for your specific application.

Our 3D resins come as standard ready to print; approximately 90  to 95% of our resins printability and performance will come straight out of the bottle as supplied. You will be pleased to find that even then, their safety and performance (printability and mechanical properties) far exceeds our competitor’s resins.

Every make of printer and even “similar or identical” printers from within a manufacturers range suffer from variations in the energy available to cure the resin. Click here for more info

    We could play safe and simply design a “midpoint" resin to allow it to cure in all scenarios and printers but the very real disadvantage of this midpoint resin design approach is that it will not fully satisfy all printer settings and consequently prints might suffer from poor printability, print failure, slow or too fast cure, poor biocompatibility, etc,... resulting in dimensional distortion, lack of resolution, excessive brittleness because or over curing or undercuring leaving excessive unreacted residual monomer, and unfortunately affecting the safety of prints and end users.

    To us it is better to have a material that cures properly and does not suffer from being too brittle, is poorly defined or dimensionally inaccurate. Quality is the most important thing and a “one size fits all” type resin does not offer such quality or performance. 

    Contact us to get further advice and quotations if you need printing guidelines, a technical training  or customisation services for new product design.

    It might be a lot less in cost than you think and save you many expensive hours of research and costly and frustrating mistakes from unsuitable resins. Use our expertise and experience to get fast results and answers to your needs.

    If you are unsure then please send us an email or whattsapp for further advice. 

    Your questions will be answered quickly!

    As mentioned before, the 3Dresyns team will help you to select the right 3Dresyn among the millions of multifunctional 3Dresyns already available in our online shopping website.

    After placing your order request our Instructions for Use "IFU" by email at: info@3dresyns.com

    Our consulting services for Full 3D Printing System solutions will help you to speed up the learning curve, since include all the know how and equipment required for professional printing: instrumentation (3D printer with light power and temperature control, washing and postcurintg units and all the basic tools and training for start printing professionally straight away.

    Alternatively, our 3D resin customisation services can be contracted to customise products, which will be designed to meet your peformance goals and specifications for your specific printer system and application.

    Feel free to contact us and discuss it further at: info@3Dresyns.com

      Compatibility with Photopolymer Inkjet 3D printers

      Our Inkjet 3D resins are designed to print with most open and closed mode inkjet printers, including Multijet (3D Systems, Polyjet (Stratasys) and Agilista (Keyence) printers.

      Our Inkjet 3Dresyns are compatible with most 2D and 3D inkjet printers, including  MultiJet MJP, PolyJet PJP and Agilista (Keyence) inkjet printers:

      • 3Dsystems Projet MultiJet series
        • Projet MJP2500, 2500 plus, 2500W series
        • Projet MJP3600, 3600 Max, 3600W series
        • Projet 3500 series, including CP, CPX
        • others
        • Stratasys PolyJet series
          • Objet 30 Pro, Objet30 Prime, Objet Eden260VS
          • Objet260 Connex1 Objet500 Connex1
          • others
        • Keyence Agilista series
          • Agilista 3000, 3100, 3200, 3200W series
        • other professional inkjet printers

          Note: We do not induce the use nor provide RFID cards nor accept any legal liability by the use or misuse of our 3Dresyns in resin cartridges containing compatible RFID tags with your printer, despite being technically and legally viable. Customers should acknowledge that they will use our Inkjet 3Dresyns on their own risk.

          About Volumetric VAM printers

          We also have Volumetric 3D resins and multiwavelength 3D resins for volumetric materializing technologies based on dual wavelength curing systems, such as the Replicator, the new volumetric "Xolography" 3D printer XUBE by XOLO and other volumetric 3D printing systems