3Dresyns produces resins, additives and auxiliaries for a broad range of applications, including the dental, biomedical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries. For example, our resins are used for printing food molds, which are used for molding different types of foodstuff. Similarly, dental and biomedical devices printed with our halal compliant resins prevent any physical contact with non-halal products through the mouth and its absorption through the oral mucosa (mucous membrance).

Halal standards are committed to eating clean food, made with clean cooking or production equipment and facilities in a "clean" environment. 

3Dresyns uses only halal compliant manufacturing processes, raw materials and chemicals from exclusively synthetic, mineral, and plant origin. Maximum care is taken to ensure that all chemicals, reagents, catalysts, colorants, additives, auxiliaries and cleaners used are exclusively synthetic, mineral, and plant based. Halal standards do not allow that halal and non-halal raw materials are stored in the same facility to prevent cross-contamination.

As company policy, 3Dresyns uses only halal compliant chemicals, ingredients, auxiliaries and cleaners to avoid any potential risk of direct cross-contamination with non-halal products and even to prevent any potential indirect cross-contamination through traces of non-halal ingredients or cleaners left on the production equipment.

3Dresyns facilities have:

  • Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP)
    • Cleaning protocol for equipment, tools, and personnel
    • Microbial and contaminant testing
  • Traceability
    • Quality system of tracking, tracing, and recall of products
    • Halal products have designated area's, or demarcations which prevent mislabeling, or other mishaps
  • Integrity
    • All areas of potential hazard, or high risk have been eliminated to maintain halal compliancy
    • All products have detailed production sheets
    • All employees have comply with the Company conduct policy
  • Composition
    • Products and packaging do not contain:
      • Human derived ingredients
      • Pork, or pork derivatives
      • Donkey
      • Carnivorous Animals
      • Animals not slaughtered according to Islamic ritual rites
      • Carrion
      • All forms of filth (Najis) i.e. Urine, Excrement, Blood, Pus, Vomit, etc
      • Insects
      • Animals fed with more than 50% of any of the above
      • Any intoxicants (once cured and cleansed)
      • Anything toxic or harmful to the body (once cured and cleansed)

3Dresyns equipment in contact with our halal products meets halal requirements to:

  • prevent cross-contamination from non-halal to halal 
    • during production eg non-halal chemical contamination to halal product
    • during use eg from a non-halal food mold to halal food 
  • ensure that all cleaners and solvents are alcohol free and halal compliant
    • to avoid contamination at trace levels

Halal compliancy is ensured by the use of only halal compliant chemicals in the whole production workflow, including ingredients of 3Dresyns products, as well as all the cleaning chemicals and solvents (alcohol free) used for cleaning the manufacturing equipment, to ensure halal cleanliness and prevent any potential risk of cross-contamination, absorption and transference from non-halal to halal products and equipment.