This policy sets out the basic conduct principles that should regulate the online and offline relationships between the buyer, the "Recipient", and the Company:

  1. buyers must conduct in a manner consistent with the standards of behaviour that preserves respectful treatment;
  2. make themselves aware of and comply with the Company legal terms, policies and procedures;
  3. supply their real identity and accurate information;
  4. treat staff with respect and courtesy;
  5. comply with appropriate behaviour and sexual misconduct prevention principles and treat the staff fairly and equitably, and not engage in the use of inappropriate language, in sexual misconduct, harassment, blackmailing, bullying or discriminatory behaviour;
  6. behave respectfully towards people of all cultural backgrounds;
  7. respect the rights of others to hold opinions and engage in appropriate and measured communications where differences of opinion occur;
  8. respect the rights to express dissent or views, provided the views and conduct accord with the Spanish laws, including, but not limited to, the freedom of speech;
  9. conduct themselves in a professional manner;
  10. not engage in unreasonable complainant conduct;
  11. buyers may not take any photographs, video or audio recordings without the express written permission of the Company and of any identifiable individuals  appearing on the recording.
  12. other misconduct offences and illegal activities include but are not limited to;
    1. disrespectful, abusive or threatening language or behaviour;
    2. harrasment, including but not limited to cyber harrasment;
    3. maliciously or unduly offences causing reputational and economical damage to the Company
    4. threats to damage the reputation of the Company of its employers, employees and external collaborators, including but not limited to cyber libel; 
    5. disrespectful, abusive and/or discriminatory comments relating to a person’s sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender-related identity (including appearance, mannerisms or other gender-related characteristics), religion or belief, race, pregnancy/maternity, marriage/civil partnership, disability or age;
    6. acting in an intimidating and hostile manner;
    7. blackmailing, making vexatious or unjustified demands on the Company services and products
    8. unauthorised possession or use of the Company intellectual and industrial property or unauthorised publication or use of the Company communications
    9. engage in fraudulent or illegal activities
  13. buyers must comply with the Spanish law and refrain from doing any illegal or fraudulent acts that would or might be contrary to it;
  14. buyer may not conduct or pursue any fraudulent or illegal activities, including but not limited to, downloading, distributing or viewing any illegal content, engaging in any illegal activities,including but not limited to illegally downloading any copyrighted content, or any other activity that violates any intellectual property rights;
  15. failure to meet the mentioned expected standards may be subject to termination of services, and when justified with non baseless (non frivolous) evidence of illegal acts, including but not limited to malicious cyber enabled activities, cyber libel, defamation and disparagement, to report it to the Police or file a lawsuit (read clause for Non Defamation & Non Disparagement).