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3Dresyns VAM for Volumetric Additive Manufacturing

We have launched a new series of 3D resins for Volumetric Additive Manufacturing "VAM" which are compatible with volumetric printers such as the Replicator, the new volumetric "Xolography" 3D printer XUBE by XOLO and other volumetric 3D printing systems

We have the experticise to develop custom volumetric 3D resins and multiwavelength 3D resins for custom volumetric materializing technologies.

Our 3Dresyns VAM  have these common features and benefits:

  • ultra safe, non irritant
  • biocompatible
  • monomer free
  • very low shrinkage
  • fast reactivity
  • wide range of applications and benefits
  • biomedical applications, including dental, otoplastics and implants
  • bioprinting of scaffold structures that can support cell adhesion and promote cell infiltration for tissue engineering 3D and for printing hydrogel scaffolds
  • engineering functional materials
  • isotropic ophthalmic lenses
  • durable and sacrificial molds
  • wide range of functional performance
  • durable and sacrificial grades
  • toxic pictograms free
  • monomer free
  • ultra high deflection temperature
  • ultra tough materials
  • hard and flexible materials
  • flexible materials
  • silicone like properties
  • super elastic and super absorbent materials
  • hydrogels for bioprinting of scaffolds
  • glass filled resins for obtaining pure clear glass after sintering

    Our biocompatible  thickening paste 3D-ADD TP1 Bio is recommended for increasing the viscosity of our Clear 3Dresyns and improving their printability with VAM printing systems. It has a very high thicknening yield without sacrificing its maximum biocompatible and safety, since it does not have any risk pictograms/phrases.

    Enjoy discovering our VAM resins and VAM Fine Tuners!