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3D-ADD CuVK2 Copper Virus Killer, our cost effective antimicrobial Copper additive

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3D-ADD CuVK2 Copper Virus Killer is our cost effective antimicrobial Copper liquid paste, which can be added to our 3D resins before printing for mass disinfection and/or after printing for disinfection of 3D printed parts by dipping.

      Features of 3D-ADD CuVK2 Copper Virus Killer:

      • supplied as a blue color liquid paste which imparts:
        • insignificant color shift when added to deep colored resins
        • minor color shift when added to light colored resins
        • light bluish color shift when added to clear resins
      • 20% Copper content
        • Copper is approved by United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA for Disinfectant Use and Coronavirus (COVID-19)
        • mineral and renewable bio-based source
        • safe
        • hydrophobic
        • cost effective bacteria, fungi and virus killer
        • toxic antimicrobial for the cell membrane of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria
        • excellent compatibility with our SLA DLP, LCD & Inkjet 3Dresyns
        • stable, non settling of copper particles once your chosen 3Dresyn is stabilised with our antisedimentation additive 3Dresyn ASC1
        • recommended dosage for disinfection: 5% 3D-ADD CuVK2 by weight on top of your chosen 3D resin (to make 1% Copper final content) 
        • ideal for cost effective mass and surface killling of bacteria, fungi and viruses

        It is supplied as a kit, which contains the product, one graduated beaker and one empty 250 mL black bottle to measure, mix, keep and protect the 3D resins from daylight. Please do not expose any 3D resins to natural or room light to prevent their curing.

        *Note: antimicrobial properties of 3D printed parts will depend on the % 3D-ADD CuVK2 added to the 3Dresyn. Recommended addition dosage of 3D-ADD CuVK2 ≤5%