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3Dresyn Perfect Cast WS1 Water Soluble for SLA, DLP & LCD Printers

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3Dresyn Perfect Cast  WS1 Water Soluble has these features and benefits:

  • ideal for Direct investment Casting "DC"
  • after printing is soluble in water and with steam
  • supplied in clear and cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white colors
    • cyan, magenta, yellow and specially black provide higher resolution than clear and white 
  • designed for very high detail applications
  • high resolution up to 20 microns
  • castable with excellent burn out without any imperfections even with cheap gypsums
  • easy and clean burn out with negligible residual ash content <0.0001%
  • very low viscosity (<30 cps at 25C)
  • no shrinkage during 3D printing
  • no expansion during burn out
  • printable with most commercial and professional SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers
  • increased durability of the resin tank
  • organo-tin free
  • clean and postcure your 3D prints with Cleaning Fluid WS1 and Cleaning Fluid WS2 Bio
  • After placing your order request the Instructions for Use "IFU" of our water soluble 3Dresyn Perfect Cast WS1 at: info@3Dresyns.com
Note: soluble materials may swell instead of dissolve in some printing settings, especially when they are cured at high relative power such as with high power laser and DLP printers