Fine Tuner LB Black, our black colored resolution-er for improving resolution

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Fine Tuner LB Black is our black colored resolution-er for improving resolution and fine detail printing of our SLA, DLP and LCD 3D resins. It has these features and benefits:

  • compatible and stable with all our 3Dresyns and with most commercial SLA, DLP and LCD 3D resins
  • excellent performance as resolution increasers reducing bleeding to improve resolution
  • excellent color and resolution increasement yield at very low dosage: 0.3-0.8% by weight
  • excellent suspension stability, without suffering any settling/sedimentation even in very low viscosity non stabilised 3D resins 
  • excellent light fastness
  • nano scale for superior resolution and micro-detailed finishes

    Note:  Fine Tuner LB Black contains 10 mL of our black colored resolution-er. It is normally used at small dosage (0.3-0.8% by weight or higher). Each 10 mL color sample is enough for improving resolution of at least 3 Litres of 3D resins.  Use it in steps of 0.5% until the depth of cure at long time (eg 100 seconds) is below 2-3 times the chosen z layer for printing.

    Instructions about how to fine tune 3Dresyns to your printer settings. For more info click here