3Dresyns is committed to use safer and safer raw materials in the design of  biocompatible resins to minimise and avoid any potential risks to health. This in combination with well defined printing scientific protocols and processes can prevent any harzards and preserve health & safety.

3Dresyns can supply custom designed biomedical and food grade 3D resins, protocols and support to help you to fully comply with FDA and ISO.

3Dresyns is the only supplier of monomer free resins in the market. (without any monomer content as supplied). 

Our goal is to develop safer and safer 3D resins and processes to help you make safe biocompatible devices. 

We can consult you to get the Certification that you need, especially now with the incoming changes in the FDA and ISO, related to the manufacturing of medical devices.

We can design customised safe resins and the safest workflows and protocols to ensure fully compliance with the different certification requirements of your chosen specific biomedical device.

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