Example of testing standards

The properties of our 3D resins are tested with the following standards:

  • Tensile strength at yield and ultimate ISO 527-2
  • Young´s modulus ISO 527-2
  • % Elongation at yield and ultimate ISO 527-2
  • Flexural strength at yield and ultimate ISO 178
  • Shore hardness ISO 868
  • Deflection Temperature HDT@45 ISO 75

Our biocompatible 3D resins for biomedical, orthodontic and dental applications have been developed, evaluated and passed the quality requirements of several ISO standards, such as ISO 10993-1, ISO 7405 and ISO 18562-1-4  (read each product information for compliancy with relevant specific ISO standards) after have been properly printed and postprocessed with appropriate printer and postprocessing units, including appropriate quality control instrumentation, workflow processes, protocols and quality controls. 

Nevertheless, medical device manufacturers are responsible of certifying their medical devices and facilities since the final quality and biocompatibility of any medical device rely on their capabilities as manufacturers, since their chosen printer, printing and overall postprocessing setups, specifications and quality controls are under their own responsibility, far beyond the control and responsibility of any 3D resin supplier.

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