"Ethics, innate curiosity, collaborative attitude, connect with creation and creativity, discipline and focusing, consilience, ideas into actions, effort to perform, scientific rigor, share knowledge, decision making, making simple the complex, living with uncertainty, here & now vs ivory tower, intellectual freedom, genuine motivation and interest, real hands on experimentation, criterion and critical thinking, admission and rectification of errors, flexibility and resilience, candid and candor, troubleshooting, search for scientific truth, technical competence, applied science, educative education, divulgation technology, science, innovation, passion for research, integrity, overcome reductionism and one factor at a time, knowledge, systematic, perception, intuition, analysis, scientific methodology, modesty, comprehend, comprehensive, sensible solutions to problems, science as a vision of cultural legacy, science as defense of rationality, solidarity with the future, ethical and environmentally friendly research, healthy competitiveness, deep understanding, commitment, management based on innovation, culture and technology open to the world, contribution to welfare state, freedom of creation, speech and action, demand for responsibilities, intellectual adventure, excellence in communication, pay attention to details, real data analysis, acceptance of criticism, verification of results, verification of variables, multi-factor experimental design methodology, integrity and excellence, sustainable, environmentally and eco friendly technology, wise use of science and technology, hope in the future, ethical scientific progress"