The customer, the "Recipient", is obliged to refrain from publishing research or testing results without the written consent of 3Dresyns (Resyner Technologies S.L.), the "Company", and to refrain from otherwise disclosing publicly any research or testing results to third parties, until the Company has previously revised and approved the contents and methodology used and related directly to the product results and findings, as well as the methodology used for evaluation. The Recipient will provide the Company with the manuscript intended for printing or oral publication (hereinafter, the "publication") at least thirty (30) days, prior to giving the manuscript to third parties or presenting it for review. If, within fifteen (15) days, of receipt of the manuscript, the Company states that the publication affects its ownership, reputation, confidentiality,  industrial proprietary interests, etc, the Recipient will endeavour to modify the manuscript.

If the Company fails to respond within the thirty (30) days (with proven unsuccessful attempts to communicate and with the need for proof of receipt), permission to publish will be deemed to have been granted.