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3Dresyns Ordering Process


3Dresyns Ordering Process Guidance in sequential steps:

Create a customer account or log in if you already have a customer account

Read our guidelines to select the right 3D resin for your needs

Search and find your products among our thousands of 3D resins and 65 functional additives by property and/or application keywords: SEARCH, by Collections or by application, technology or service or even by keywords such as Shore hardness, or other properties, for selecting your 3Dresyn:

if you want to print tough and durable functional engineering materials, do not waste your time and directly jump to our best 3Dresyns "like" best functional engineering materials
    Remember to select your fast, intermediate or slow printing speed 3D resin version:
      • F stands for Fast version for fast printing speed but slightly lower biocompatibility and slightly higher yellowing
      • I stands for Intermediate version for intermediate printing speed and overall properties
      • Slow stands for Slow version for slow printing speed, improved resolution, yellowing resistance and biocompatibility 
        Select your printer type and specify your printer model

          Some 3Dresyns will have these optional "not required" ADD-ON services: add  your own color and specific functionality online to our 3D resins with our 3Dresyns colors and  functional additives:

          • Optional colors-Add any color among over 2000 3Dresyns colors
          • Optional- Add up to 4 functional additives among around 50 functional additives, which will be added for you in your custom 3Dresyn
          • Optional- alternatively around 65 functional additives, 5 bio diluents and over 10 cleaning products can also be purchased separately for their addition or usage by you at your chosen specifications

          Discounts (applicable only for advance payments)

          We have these special discounts of 10%, 20% and 30% for orders above 1000, 2000 and 3000 Euro for any customer or reseller. Discounts are available during the check out of your online orders. Write your applicable discount code for your specific order size:

          • 10% discount for >1000 Euro orders. Discount code: Discount10%off>1000
          • 20% discount for >2000 Euro orders. Discount code: Discount20%off>2000
          • 30% discount for >3000 Euro orders. Discount code: Discount30%off>300
          • higher discounts are available for bulk order, which can be negotiated business-to-business "B2B"

          For best overall after sales services coverage, including full product value transit damage insurance for the value of goods, fastest customs clearance and tracking info choose DHL Express Europe or Worldwide as carrier or courier

          Pay for your order online by Stripe, Paypal, or credit card and offline by bank transfer

          • your invoice can be downloaded automatically  after payment and shipment of your order

          Note: received orders can be rejected by the Company if your account misses your full name, identity or passport number and if applicable your Company full data and VAT number. Acceptance of our terms and conditions and limitation of liability is required for processing any orders.

          Offline payments by bank transfer 

          • For payments by bank transfer please send us an email to info@3dresyns.com with your Purchasing Order (PO)

          Offline payment options subject to eligibility:

          • advance payment: pay for your order by bank transfer in advance before order delivery.
            • Discounts are applicable
            • There is no surcharge
            • Minimum Order Quantity MOQ is 250 Euro
          • deferred paymentpay for your order by bank transfer after order delivery.
            • Discounts are not applicable
            • There is a 10% surcharge applied to the sum of ordered products (excluded transport cost and VAT if applicable)
            • Minimum Order Quantity MOQ is 250 Euro

          After receiving your PO a quote/proforma invoice with our bank details will be sent back asap! 

          Please use our company data for placing your PO:

          • Company name: Resyner Technologies S.L.
          • Registered address (not to be used as laboratory, office or factory address): G. V. de las C. Catalanas 640, 08007 Barcelona Spain
          • Company registered VAT: ES B66858788
          • Contact email: info@3dresyns.com