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3Dresyns Ordering Process

3Dresyns Ordering Process Guidance in sequential steps:

  • create a customer account
  • search and find your products among our over 300 3D resins and over 60 functional additives by property and/or application keywords: SEARCH, by Collections or by application, technology or service or even by keywords such as Shore hardness, or other properties, for selecting your 3Dresyn:

  • remember to select your 3D resin version among fast, intermediate or slow to get a fast, medium or relatively slow printing speed
  • type your printer model since our 3Dresyns are made to order to your printer specifications!
  • Optional- Add a free sample of Fine Tuner LB1 Bio or its ULWA version- our std resolutioners for further resolution adjustment
  • Optional- Add a free sample of Fine Tuner FT1 - our std photoaccelerant for further printing speed adjustment

Optional ADD-ON services: add on your own functionality online to our 3D resins with our 3Dresyns colors and  functional additives for further adjustment of printing speed, resolution and functionality

  • Optional- Add our Copper antimicrobial additive 3D-ADD CuVK2 which will be added in your 3Dresyn for you- imparts a bluish color to clear but no significant effect to deep colored resins. Final Copper content 1 %
  • Optional colors-Add any color among over 2000 3Dresyns colors
  • Optional- Add up to 4 functional additives among around 50, which will be added for you in your custom 3Dresyn
  • Optional- alternatively around 50 functional additives5 bio diluents and over 10 cleaning related products can also be purchased separately for their addition or usage by you at your chosen specifications
  • go to cart for check out!!
  • add your discount code if applicable! Discounts are only applicable for orders without any ADD-ON options and for online payments.
  • for best service, fastest customs clearance and tracking info choose Express Worldwide as best shipping option
  • pay for your order by Stripe, Paypal*, credit card or by bank transfer**
  • your invoice will be sent by automatically email as well as tracking information once your order is shipped.

*Note: for payments by Paypal or by bank transfer please send us an email to with your Purchasing Order (PO) and pay for your order by bank transfer or at this Paypal account:

After receiving your PO a quote with our bank details will be sent back asap! Please use our company data for placing your PO:

  • Company name: Resyner Technologies S.L.
  • Registered address (not to be used as laboratory, office or factory address): G. V. de las C. Catalanas 640, 08007 Barcelona Spain
  • Company registered VAT: ES B66858788
  • Contact email: