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3D resins for injection and casting

3Dresyns RIC are our light and/or heat curable biocompatible viscous resins for Resin Injection and Casting. They can be heated to >70-80ºC to increase their flow for their casting by gravity or with low injection pressure in our durable or sacrificial 3D printed injection and casting molds.

3Dresyns RIC are ultra safe monomer free viscous resins at room temperature (but excellent casting or injection flow once heated), which exhibit unique biocompatibility, since do not contain inherently irritant low viscosity monomers and superior mechanical properties, which are extremely difficult to achieve with lower viscosity resins based on monomers, which are also commonly weaker in mechanical properties.

3Dresyns RIC can be mixed to get intermediate performance properties to reach your specifications and performance goals.

Indirect Additive Manufacturing process with cost analysis:

  • Injection or Casting: our 3Dresyns RIC for Resin Injection and Casting are ideal for high productivity since can be injected or cast by gravity in conventional or 3D printed durable or sacrificial molds
    • Cost analysis: low cost printer setup costs with prices from 200 to 2.000 Euro per printer unit.  Indirect production process: 2 step production process. Molds are 3D printed and cast resins are injected afterwards. Ideal for long runs

3Dresyn RIC-UTFD50 Bio, Biocompatible Ultra Tough & Foldable material with Shore D50 for Resin Injection and Casting

Our consulting services include recommendations of the most cost effective 3D printing system setups for your specific needs and budget:

and 3D resin customisation services: