A second-party audit is when a customer performs an audit of a supplier to ensure that they are meeting the requirements specified in the contract. These requirements may include special control over certain processes, requirements on traceability, documentation, records, etc... In non sensitive businesses these audits can be done on-line or even off-site by reviewing documents submitted by the supplier. Our business model is an efficient multivariable & multifunctional online service, not a face-to-face showroom, designed to give fast and reliable online solutions to existing unmet customer and market needs related to 3D printing. 3Dresyns customers are not allowed to visit not to perfom any on-site / off-site second-party audits for security reasons, to protect our sensitive assets, such as confidential proprietary information, trade secrets, know how, etc. Our secured facilities have restricted access to protect our physical and digital assets in compliance with our security policies.