A second-party audit is when a customer performs an audit of a supplier to ensure that they are meeting the requirements specified in the contract. These requirements may include special control over certain processes, requirements on traceability, documentation, records, etc... In non sensitive businesses these audits can be done on-line or even off-site by reviewing documents submitted by the supplier. Announced and unannounced audits are contemplated by ISO standards and performed on a supplier without first discussing the audit with the supplier or giving them prior knowledge of the inspection date. 

3Dresyns does not allow outsiders, such as suppliers and customers to visit, not to perfom any on-site / off-site second-party audits for security reasons, since 3Dresyns facilities have restricted access to prevent any potential risk of physical data breaches and fully comply with our existing NDAs and 3Dresyns physical and digital security policies. This high level security is particularly crucial to protect us and our customers.