3Dresyns is globally the first and only 3D resin supplier selling "monomer free" biocompatible 3D resins, colors and additives with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) with non toxic raw materials and without any toxicity risk hazard pictograms. Our "monomer free" reactive resins do not contain any monomers as supplied. They have been designed to reduce the risk of monomer extraction and the potential health problems of monomer based 3D resins.

3Dresyns portfolio includes monomer based biocompatible 3D resins for biomedical, orthodontic and dental applications  which use safe bio monomers for maximum safety.

Some specific 3D resins exhibit higher health and safety risks as supplied, which can be reduced and eliminated with proper printing and postprocessing practices.

Independently on the composition of 3D resins, their health and safety risks depend on their printing and postprocessing since the conversion from monomer to polymer (the degree of polymerisation) and the extraction of any sort of extractables rely on the manufacturer´s quality standards.

Both, monomer based and monomer free 3D resins, contain reaction byproducts, leachables and extractables, which need to be eliminated with appropriate printing and postprocessing protocols and workflows to ensure that 3D prints are safe for usage.

If uncured free monomers and other leachables and extractables are not eliminated before usage the health and safety risks shown on the 3D resin MSDSs are indicative of the potential health and safety risks associated to the usage of 3D printed materials.

This matter is particularly of great concern in biomedical applications where 3D printed materials are in direct contact with the human body, such as the mouth in dental applications. 

Why some "biocompatible" monomer based and monomer free 3D resins can be toxic before and even after printing and postprocessing?

The Quality requirements of class I & II biomedial devices, including dental devices, such as FDA, ISO 20795, 13485 & 10993, limit the residual monomer content  to <0.1%. The residual uncured free monomer in liquid state is trapped inside the solid printed device. The additives (Fine Tuners) used for tuning both, monomer based and monomer free 3D resins in different printers can also be prone to leach out, be extracted by saliva, and absorbed by the mucosa.

Which is the risk of trapped residual monomers and other chemicals in printed devices for human health? The answer depends on the type and concentration of physically trapped monomers and other leachables and extractables in the medical devices.

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How can the risks for humans be figured out? By reading the MSDSs of the liquid 3D resins as supplied, and the individual risks and hazards of their monomers, and other ingredients since they are leachable, and extractable if uncured or physically trapped "non bound" to the device.  

Biocompatible 3Dresyns

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Our Biocompatible 3Dresyns comply with the Quality requirements for Class I, IIa & IIb and III of FDA of ISO13485 and ISO10993 for the manufacturing of medical devices.
Our monomer free biocompatible 3Dresyns are ultra pure "reactive photopolymer" systems with reduced extractability, lixiviation and cross-contamination potential health problems occuring with existing competitive monomer based systems.
3Dresyns contribution to the biomedical market is crucial to ensure maximum safety of 3D printed medical devices. The biocompatible 3D printing materials market is growing significantly and our goal is to actively develop safer and safer materials.

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3Dresyns custom designs biocompatible 3D resins, postprocessing protocols, and quality controls to meet the most demanding specifications, without hazards, nor risks, for printing safe biomedical devices, food packaging, and toys.

    You may contact us to consult about our customisation services of biocompatible synthetic and bio-based 3Dresyns and your specific performance goals at: info@3Dresyns.com

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