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3Dresyns for printing sacrificial materials

Our selection of sacrificial 3Dresyns and special additives for 3D printing sacrificial models and molds for injection of traditional materials such as waxes, silicones, plastics, ceramics and metals feedstocks.

Our sacrificial SLA DLP and LCD 3D resins can be sacrified or eliminated by:

  • dissolution in water or alcohols with our heat resistant water soluble resins 3Dresyns IM WS product range for printing high deflection temperature water soluble sacrificial materials (individual products are shown in the icons below) and 3Dresyn Perfect Cast WS1 , which are ideal for injection of plastics, ceramics, metals and for jewelry and electroforming /electroplating 
  • dissolution in solvents with our 3Dresyn IM-HT-SS Bio Clear, our hard and tough and solvent soluble resin for printing non water soluble sacrificial materials
  • heat by melting them. Example 3Dresyn Perfect Cast HS1 , which is ideal for jewelry and electroforming /electroplating
  • breaking them easily by hand. Example: 3Dresyn IM SF, which is ideal for injection of soft materials such as silicones

Sacrificial technology is ideal for dental applications since traditional dental materials can be easily  injected by gravity or under pressure in heat resistant water soluble sacrificial molds printed with our sacrificial 3D resins with even low cost LCD 3D printers.

Examples of dental materials which can be injected in our 3Dresyns IM WS product range:

  • polyurethanes for making aligners with the benefit of reducing production costs (laser cutting is not required)
  • nylon (polyamide 12) for making partial flexible dentures
  • PMMA for making rigid denture bases
  • etc,...

It is also ideal for industrial applications, such as injection of Ceramics and Metal slurries used in CIM and MIM applications. Other applications such as Electroforming can be used for replacing the expensive multi step prior electrodeposition. Mandrels can be printed with our water soluble sacrificial 3D resins and dip coated with our conductive additive 3D-ADD EK1. After electrodeposition of metals such as gold, mandrels can be easily dissolved in water.


  • Fine Tuner FT1 is our preferred photo accelerant to adjust print speed to your printing specifications
  • Fine Tuner LB Cyan is our preferred cyan colored resolution increaser for improving resolution and fine detail printing without reducing water solubility
  • Our consultancy for customised Full 3D Printing Systems includes all the required instrumentation (3D printer with radiometry, light power and temperature control, washing and postcurintg units and all the basic tools and training for start printing straight away.
  • soft and delicate castings can be injected also in easy breakable sacrificial molds 3D printed with our : soft and easy breaking  SLA, DLP & LCD 3D resins 

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    Please click on this link for printing: 3Dresyns printing settings in your printer

    Clean and postcure your water soluble 3D prints with Cleaning Fluid WS1 and Cleaning Fluid WS2 Bio

    Note: Isopropanol and/or water cannot be used for cleaning water soluble sacrificial 3D printed resins since they will dissolve them!!

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