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3Dresyn Photo-Wax, our safe scannable dental impression photocurable wax

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3Dresyn Photo-Wax is  our safe scannable dental impression photocurable wax for making dimensional stable rigid dental impressions of complete dentures. It is a photo reactive soft wax which before curing can be modelled by hand but after bite registration can be hardened in the mouth with a normal UV/Visible light source for maximum impression accuracy.
3Dresyn Photo-Wax is a soft photo reactive wax with Shore O50, which after photo curing becomes harder with a Shore hardness of A90. Its rigidity is ideal to prevent distortion of the impression borders, having good accuracy of surface detail and dimensional stability.

    It is a safe biocompatible yellowish white soft wax which is scannable with maximum resolution due to its matt finish, ensuring maximum detail of the scans.

    3Dresyn Photo-Wax has these features:

    • soft before photocuring for easy impression and bite registration with minor pressure to avoid distortion 
    • hard and rigid impressions without flexibility after photocuring
    • fast photo curing in the mouth which can be hardned even more out of the mouth under sun light or in a light box
    • ideal for optimum scanning detail and resolution
    • ultra safe, free of hazards, pictograms and risk phrases
    • soft, easy to shape with hand pressure for optimum application
    • photocurable with standard dental lab light curing units
    • Melting Temperature as supplied before printing: 30-35ºC
    • Melting temperature after photo curing: 45-50ºC
    • Shore hardness before and after photocuring O50/A90 b/a
    • dimensional stability
    • easy cutting
    • long shelf life
    • neutral taste, non acidic, non alkaline