• start printing aligners with 3Dresyn OD Clear TF LTP Rigid or Flexible with Low Viscosity LV version since this version is the best for starters, for printing thin aligners at 0.5-0.8 mm with affordable SLA DLP & LCD printers without any heating system.
  • any LCD printer, even the low cost ones with prices of 100-200 Euro can be used for printing our resins with excellent resolution of c. 20 microns
  • follow our Instructions For Use IFU:
    • print aligners in any SLA, DLP and/or LCD printer following our printing instructions. Even low cost LCD printers, such as a  Anycubic at <200 Euro, can print aligners with 20 microns resolution
    • typical printing settings for most printers: 2-4 adhesion layers of 80 seconds, std layers of 10-15 seconds, z layers of 50-100 microns (optimum vertical printing without any supports: use 100 microns z layers for faster printing speed of circa 90-120 minutes vs circa 150-180 minutes needed with 50 micron z layers)
    • warm the resin initially to around 35ºC before printing to reduce its viscosity
  • follow our postprocessing instructions IFU for 100% clarity & transparency for making aligners without any stickiness, haziness, yellowing, or whitish finishing:
  • if the mentioned recommendations are followed, aligners with excellent mechanical and surface quality, clarity and light fastness will be successfully made in less than 3 hours!!! Unbelievable but True!!!!

Example of aligner printed at 100 microns z layers in less than 2 hours in a low cost, 200 Euro, monochrome Anycubic LCD printer.

Design aligners directly with Archform or Blue Sky Bio, or other aligner software.

Discover how to design a direct aligner easily and fast in Meshmixer

  • by overlapping the same aligner design at several thicknesses and by cutting certain volumes for thinning aligners in certain chosen parts for optimum control of tooth movement