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All in one 3Dresyn Allin1 UTD1 for Ultra Tough & Durable Multi-Use applications

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All in one 3Dresyn Allin1 UTD1 Ultra Tough & Durable has these features and benefits:

  • ideal for All in one multi-use 3D printing of Ultra Tough & Durable materials
    • ultra tough and semirigid, pliable without breaking under pressure at low thickness <1 mm, with good memory until regains its original shape
    • ultra tough and rigid >2 mm
  • multi-use & multi-purpose:
    • ideal for modelling, prototyping and functional printing
    • ideal for hobby, engineering, dental and biomedical systems
  • center point of radar chart, meeting overall toughness & durability requirements
  • excellent outdoor durability without embritlement
  • Young modulus 1000-2000 MPa
  • Tensile strength >50 MPa
  • Flexural strength >60 MPa with the optimum printing and postcuring process
  • high relative impact and shattering resistance (Notched Izod <80 J/m)
  • 100% safe and food grade
  • based on safe monomers
  • thermoplastic with excellent boiling water resistance without embritlement
  • hydrophobic, ultra low water absorption ULWA
  • high hardness, Shore hardness D70 range
  • elongation <40%
  • relatively low viscosity for LV version <5.000 cps at 25ºC
  • relatively high viscosity for HV version <10.000 cps at 25ºC
  • very low shrinkage <1%
  • printable by SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers
  • increased durability of the resin tank
  • organo-tin free

Versatility by custom addition of our rigidity and flexibility adjusters:

  • Custom addition of 5-15% of 3Dresyn XL1 Bio increases rigidity and deflection temperature significantly
  • Custom addition of 20% of 3Dresyn HA1 HV MF Bio or its low viscosity version 3Dresyn HA2 LV Bio increases rigidity and deflection temperature in less degree than 3Dresyn XL1 Bio, without sacrificing flexural strength significantly
  • Custom addition of 20% of 3Dresyn SA1 HV Bio or its low viscosity version 3Dresyn SA2 LV Bio increases flexibility of small feature sizes below 1 mm.


  • choose 3Dresyn Allin1 UTD1 LV version for printing without heated printers or below 25ºC
  • choose 3Dresyn Allin1 UTD1 HV version for printing with heated printers or above 25ºC, for overall improved durability  and mechanical properties

    Optional: custom fine rigidity/flexibility refinement with out free samples of:

    SPECIAL OFFER FOR MAXIMUM CONTROL OF YOUR MATERIAL PROPERTIES: All in one 3Dresyn Allin1 UTD1 Ultra Tough & Durable is supplied as a kit, which contains:

    • 1000 grams of 3Dresyn Allin1 UTD1 LV or HV version
    • 100 gramsof  the rigidity adjuster 3Dresyn HA1 HV MF Bio and 100 grmas of the flexibility adjuster 3Dresyn SA1 HV Bio when ordering 3Dresyn Allin1 UTD1 HV version,
    • 100 grams of the rigidity adjuster 3Dresyn HA2 LV Bio  and 100 grams of the  flexibility adjuster 3Dresyn SA2 LV Bio when ordering 3Dresyn Allin1 UTD1 LV version
    • one graduated beaker
    • one empty 250 mL black bottle to measure, mix, keep and protect the 3D resins from daylight

    IFU for 100% clarity & transparency (without any haziness or whitish finishing)

    • print your 3D designs in any SLA, DLP and/or LCD printer following our printing instructions, which can be sent upon request by email: info@3dresyns.com 
    • after printing cut the supports and eliminate the uncured resin by gravity from the surface of the prints in the upside down position in an oven heated at 55-60ºC for 30 minutes
    • postcure the dry prints in a normal light box for 30 minutes at T<50ºC
    • clean parts by spraying IPA using a spray bottle to ensure that clean IPA is always used
    • follow our more detailed Instructions for Use "IFU"