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Cleaning Fluid WS1 for cleansing water soluble prints

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Cleaning Fluid WS1 is a cleaning fluid developed to clean water soluble 3D prints and remove and wash off easily any unreacted resin.

Its usage is ideal for cleansing of water soluble sacrifical 3D printed materials used for making water soluble sacrificial injection molds. 

It has been formulated to clean water soluble resins efficiently (read its MSDS for more information and careful handling).

Cleaning Fluid WS1 has these features and benefits:

  • excellent resin washing off and overall cleaning properties of  water soluble 3D resins*
  • excellent cleaning yield, low dosage is needed for cleaning

Note: water soluble 3D prints can be cleaned and postcured in few steps:

  • step 1 optional but recommended: remove any uncured resin from the print surface with high pressure air with at least 10 bars (the higher the better)
  • step 2 remove any uncured resin from the print surface with our Cleaning Fluid WS1
  • step 3 Light postcuring in a light box
    • 5-10 minutes is enough to get a dry surface
    • 20 min will increase the rigidity of prints (recommended)
    • 60 minutes will increase the rigidity of prints to its maximum but certain brittleness will appear due to excessive light postcuring

    * for cleaning non water soluble resins please use our Cleaning Fluid Bio