3Dresyn Cleaning Fluid "Bio and Safe"

3Dresyn Cleaning Fluid "Bio and Safe"

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3Dresyn Cleaning Fluid  is a "Bio and Safe"  cleaning fluid developed to clean 3D prints and remove and wash off easily any unreacted resin, residuals and/or by-products.

Since it is a 100% safe and biocompatible, its usage is ideal for the cleansing and purification of 3D printed materials used for making biomedical devices. It can also be used to clean resin tanks (vats) and printer covers without causing any damage to plastic parts.

It is an excellent alternative to isopropanol (IPA) and other volatile alcohol solvents which may attack plastics and break printer covers and tanks. Since it is odorless, it does not affect the lose of the sense of smell.

This bio cleaning fluid is ideal for cleaning 3D prints in an ultrasonic bath. It is suitable to clean all printer parts since it does not attack painted parts nor plastics.  It has low volatility and it has been formulated to ensure safe handling since it does not cause any potential risk hazard (its material safety data sheet does not have any pictograms nor any risk or safety phrases).

It has been formulated to be safe 100% for use and does not cause skin irritation, nor any allergic skin reaction (read its MSDS for more information).

3Dresyn Cleaning Fluid has these features and benefits:

    • excellent resin washing off and overall cleaning properties
    • excellent cleaning yield, low dosage is needed for cleaning
    • excellent shine after cleaning plastic and metal parts
    • does not attack plastics nor paints (printer plastic covers, resin tanks)
    • non volatile, non flammable, odorless
    • 100% safe for use
    • 100% biocompatible 


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