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3Dresyns for printing durable molds

Our 3Dresyns IM have been designed for printing 3D printed Injection Molds IM with very high resolution for injecting/casting of:

  • silicones
  • waxes such as our 3Dresyns Waxes
  • low, medium and high injection (processing and/or curing) temperatures up to 200C or higher, for injection of traditional materials such as:
    • plastics such as our new casting or Plastic Injection 3Dresyns, which are light and/or heat curable biocompatible resins or 
    • polyurethanes for making aligners with the benefit of reducing production costs (laser cutting is not required)
    • nylon (polyamide 12) for making partial flexible dentures
    • PMMA for making rigid denture bases 
  • ceramic feedstocks (Ceramic Injection Molding CIM) such as our Ceramic 3Dresyns slurries
  • metal feedstocks (Metal Injection Molding MIM)  such as our Metal 3Dresyns slurries