For 3Dresyns trade secret protection is a the better option than patents since patents are granted by disclosing the invention in full detail. The patent must describe the invention in such a detail that anyone would be able to copy the invention. Patent offices, upon receiving the applications, compare the disclosed invention to the prior art (which can be any publication that exists before the filing date of the application) and determine whether the invention is novel and nonobvious. If it is considered novel, the patent offices of the country at which the application has been addressed will issue a patent on the invention which subsequently publishes for public inspection.

A problem with patenting an invention, however, can arise if one or more of the world patent offices do not view the invention as novel, believes it is obvious, or constitutes unpatentable subject matter.  The result is that non granted patents are published and disclosed to the public ending up without any protection on the invention.

For 3Dresyns trade secret is the best way for protecting its inventions. A trade secret means information, including but not limited to a technology, compositional formula, program, method, technique, or process, which are worth protecting from disclosure. Patent protection is granted in exchange for disclosing the invention to the public, whilst trade secret protection is granted to those who keep their inventions secret.

Another difference between patents and trade secrets is that patent protection lasts 20 years, whilst trade secret protection lasts as long as the trade secret is kept secret. Trade secrets are best suited for inventions that are not readily ascertainable by proper means, which is the case for 3Dresyns cutting edge products and technologies.

3Dresyns policies for securing its trade secrets 

3Dresyns steps to protect its inventions by trade secret include non disclosure agreements (NDA´s), restricting access to the trade secret and confidential proprietary information, encrypting files, high security of IT, restricted high security facilities, policies, and protocols, etc.

As examples of security policies and protocols 3Dresyns does not disclose:

  • the chemical compositions of its products since they have been withheld as trade secret to protect its proprietary intellectual property. Nevertheless, 3Dresyns is committed to disclose the risks and hazards of its products to ensure their appropriate handling and usage, as well as the health and safety precautionary statements and labelling of pictograms for proper risk and hazard assessment, prevention, mitigation, and communication. Read: About protecting confidential compositional information in Material Safety Data Sheets MSDSs
  • the location of its high security facilities (with the exception of the local authorities and the Government) 
  • the identity of its key employees for security reasons and for preventing from being contacted and hired by the competition
  • any information of its customers, suppliers, and collaborators, rather than selectively and discretionally sharing to the public for marketing purposes, their logo in 3D resyns collaborations, with previous approval upon acceptance of 3Dresyns legal terms prior to placing orders: Use of logo

3Dresyns restricted facilities

Additionally, 3Dresys does not allow outsiders, such as suppliers and customers to visit, not to perfom any on-site / off-site second-party audits for security reasons, since 3Dresyns facilities have restricted access to prevent any potential risk of physical data breaches and fully comply with our existing NDAs and 3Dresyns physical and digital security policies. This high level security is particularly crucial to protect us and our customers from competitors. Read: On-site / off-site and second-party ISO audits

If you as a customer have as requirement to be allowed to come on-site for an audit, you will need to accept our prohibition to access our facilities by outsiders.

3Dresyns business model is an efficient multivariable & multifunctional online service based on a multi response optimisation system (not a face-to-face public showroom or workshop) designed to give fast and "reliable online solutions to existing unmet customer and market needs related to 3D printing.

3Dresyns High Digital Security

3Dresyns has reduced intentionally the number of access points (company emails and connections to the web) to reduce the risk of the most common types of digital security breaches such as phishing, eavesdropping, Denial-of-Service (DoS), and malware. 

Prevention of digital security breaches include protecting and creating strong passwords, educating employees and developing robust IT security systems to protect our and our customers' data.

All the key data, including the confidential and proprietary data, of 3Dresyns and of its customers is located in the cloud in servers located in several high security data centers. Our cloud hosting provider is ISO 27001 certified and satisfies the SOC1, SOC2 and SOC3 security requirements:

  • encryption of server communications use advanced industry standard encryption schemes and protocols
  • cybersecurity tools are used to monitor the configuration and prevent any potential vulnerabilities
  • penetration tests are undertaken by cybersecurity companies regularly routinely to identify any potential vulnerabilities.

About reverse engineering and permission to publish

Despite reverse engineering a trade secret is legal unless there is a previous agreement for not reverse engineering. The purchasing of 3Dresyns products require the acceptance of 3Dresyns legal terms, which include clauses related to Permission to publishProhibition against reverse engineering,  and Non defamation & non disparagement.

Customers, upon acceptance of 3Dresyns legal terms, are obliged to refrain from publishing research, testing results, trade secrets, intellectual property, without the written consent of 3Dresyns (Resyner Technologies S.L.), the "Company", and to refrain from disclosing publicly any research or testing results to third parties, until the Company has previously revised and approved the contents and methodology used and related directly to the product results and findings, as well as the methodology used for evaluation, to protect 3Dresyns intellectual property and its trade secrets, and prevent any defamation, disparagement, libel, and economic damage for spread of trade secret, defamatory, and disparagement information. 

If you do not agree with 3Dresyns legal terms you should not use, nor download any data, nor order any products, nor services from the Company.