Despite scientific publishing can gain credibility and visibility for companies just like it does for scientists at universities and at federally funded research institutions and companies where the government (US Federation or the European Union) is paying fully or in part to disseminate knowledge.

3Dresyns has taken the decision of not receiving any funding from public or private sectors to preserve confidentiality and ownership of its intellectual property, control and freedom of its research, and of its industrial and commercial developments and activities. 

For 3Dresyns, as a non funded private company there is a clear conflict between protecting intellectual property and publishing compositional data. 3Dresyns strategy for protecting its know-how is with trade secret and trademark protection, which is incompatible with publishing and disclosing the Company´s technologies, discoveries, and secrets.

3Dresyns relies exclusively on its own resources and results, which are generated through product sales, custom product developments, and consulting services. The Company has taken control of the decision to publish for its employees. The prohibition applies to publications related to the Company's business unless specific permission is given for publishing. Every publication goes through a internal technical review before submission is allowed.

3Dresyns research, innovations, and trade secrets, as a private for profit company, are classified and not published to protect the intellectual property of the Company. Nevertheless, 3Dresyns stands out from its competitors by having the most extensive portfolio of 3D printing resins in the global market, as well as for its website, the most comprehensive source of non restricted 3D printing technical documents fitted with a meta search tool where any chosen keywords, contained in any text source in 3Dresyns website, including products and technical documents, can be found. Discover in 3Dresyns website more than 200 3Dresyns non restricted technical documents about 2D and 3D printing technologies and 3Dresyns innovations & achievements.

The purchasing of 3Dresyns products requires the acceptance of 3Dresyns legal terms, which include clauses related to Permission to publish  and Prohibition against reverse engineering.