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About prices, discounts and lead times

Our 3Dresyns are "made to order", fresh, with maximum shelf life, to your specifications and sent directly to you, without intermediaries, in just few days after ordering them online in just few clicks! 

Over 90% of the orders are made in <2 days and delivered to any country in <3 days with EXPRESS WORLDWIDE, with final Worldwide average delivery lead times to your country of 3-4 days:

  • In Europe:  an average of 3-4 days from ordering to delivery with shipping method: EXPRESS WORLWIDE   
  • The rest of the World has an average lead time of 4-5 days with shipping method: EXPRESS WORLWIDE   
  • Cheaper shipping methods are available online:
    • medium speed delivery: 2-3  days slower than EXPRESS WORLDWIDE
    • slow speed delivery: 3-4 days slower than EXPRESS WORLDWIDE
Note: for best service, fastest customs clearance and tracking info choose Express Worldwide as best shipping option

    3Dresyns Ordering Process: online ordering

    Prices for customers and resellers are the same since discounts depend on order size:

    • We have these special discounts of 10%, 20%, 35% and 35% for orders above 1000, 2000, 3000 and 3500 Euro for any customer or reseller

    Discount code: Discount10%off>1000

    • Applies to:
      • 10% off all products
      • Minimum purchase of €1000
      • For everyone
      Discount code: Discount20%off>2000
      • Applies to:
        • 20% off all products
        • Minimum purchase of €2000
        • For everyone

      Discount code: Discount30%off>2000

      • Applies to:
        • 30% off all products
        • Minimum purchase of €3000
        • For everyone

      Discount code: MaximumDiscount35%off>3500

      • Applies to:
        • 35% off all products
        • Minimum purchase of €3500
        • For everyone

      Note: Discounts are only applicable for online orders and payments. Exclusivity of sale is not available for resellers.

      You may use the discount codes during the check out of your online orders.

      For payments by bank transfer send us a Purchasing Order PO by email to:


      For European Union customers: our 3Dresyns prices are Delivered Duty Paid (DDP), whereby 3Dresyns assumes all of the responsibility, risk, and costs associated with the transport of our 3Dresyns until you receive them at your facility. If your company has a Intrastat Tax exempt VAT, please type it during the ordering process in order to have a tax exempt invoice: 3Dresyns Ordering Process: online ordering

      For non European Union customers: our 3Dresyn prices are Delivered At Place (DAP) outside the European Union, consequently the buyer is responsible for paying import customs duties, which is a tariff or tax imposed on goods when transported across international borders. This tax is usually a small % of the declared goods value. For countries outside the European Union, our prices are tax free. Local taxes will have to be paid in the buyer's country before receiving the goods.

      Please check your email and spam to avoid any delays when your local DHL Express customs department contacts you to process and gather the payment of the customs import duty fee.

      Note: Most of our 3Dresyns have this US and other countries tariff HS Code: 39139000

      Refund policy


      "3Dresyns" referred as the “Company” does not accept refunds nor returns for any already produced products because they are made to order. In case the products have not been made yet, they can be exchanged by other products with at least the same value.

      Read our Legal Notice and Terms & Conditions-Limitation of Liability

      Company data 

      • Company name: Resyner Technologies S.L.
      • Registered address (not to be used as laboratory, office or factory address): G. V. de las C. Catalanas 640, 08007 Barcelona Spain
      • Registered brand names: 3Dresyns and Resyner Technologies
      • Company registered VAT: ES B66858788
      • Contact email: