Some prints may become hazy or whitish when they are cleaned with isopropanol or with our Cleaning Fluid Bio after printing. In these cases the following cleaning methods are recommended for obtaining maximum clarity and transparency of your prints: 

Method 1: Light box post-curing of dry prints in air atmosphere (slow process)

  • after printing cut the supports and drain and eliminate the uncured resin by gravity from the surface of the prints in the upside down position in an oven heated at 50-55ºC for 15-30 minutes (rotate the prints if needed for maximum drainage and leak out by gravity)
  • optionally use compressed air or a centrifuge to eliminate the maximum quantity of uncured resin from the prints
  • postcure the dry prints in a normal light box for 15 minutes at room temperature
  • turn the prints upside down and  postcure them for other 15 minutes
  • clean and remove any residual stickiness by spraying ispropanol isopropanol IPA on the prints (use a spray bottle to ensure that clean IPA is always used)
  • optional: wash/clean the prints with water 

Method 2: Light box post-curing of prints in immersion/dipping (fast process)

  • dip prints in Cleaning Fluid NW1 Bio
  • use a tooth brush to remove any potential uncured resin from the surface of the prints
  • dip the clean prints again in a transparent container filled with fresh/clean Cleaning Fluid NW1 Bio and postcure them in a light box for 15 minutes
  • turn the prints upside down and postcure them in the light box for other 15 minutes in Cleaning Fluid NW1 Bio
  • remove  Cleaning Fluid NW1 Bio from the surface of the prints with compressed air and/or with a cleaning cloth