Detailed Instructions for Use "IFU", including the methodology for getting the optimum printing settings and calibration files will be sent upon request for the ordered 3Dresyns products. The technical information and the instructions for use supplied by the Company are detailed enough for getting excellent printing results with most printers assuming they are followed without any cutting corners. For more info read the clause for compatibility with SLA, DLP, LCD, Inkjet and other printing technologies.

The purchasing of products does not include the supply of:

  1. free samples of Fine Tuner FT1 & LB1 will be sent if necessary (discretionarily by the 3Dresyns team) for adjusting printing speed and resolution
  2. after sales printing consulting services, which can be contracted separately as printing consulting services
If the buyer, the Recipient, does not agree with these terms and conditions (and legal terms) of use, the Recipient should not order any products from the Company.