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Functional 3D additives for tuning our 3D resins

Our selection of nearly 50 3D functional additives for tuning and adding specific performance properties to our 3Dresyns

First and unique supplier offering online multi variant (around 50) addon/addin functional additives for the widest range of  3D resins (around 300) for online custom design of billions of materials for SLA, DLP, LCD and Inkjet 3D printing:

  • Optional- Add our Copper antimicrobial additive 3D-ADD CuVK2 which will be added in your 3Dresyn for you- imparts a bluish color to clear but no significant effect to deep colored resins. Final Copper content 1 %
  • Optional colors-Add any color among over 2000 3Dresyns colors
  • Optional- Add up to 4 functional additives among around 50, which will be added for you in your custom 3Dresyn
  • Optional- alternatively our around 50 functional additives5 bio diluents and over 10 cleaning related products can also be purchased separately for their addition or usage by you at your chosen specifications

Our functional 3D additives are like "supplements or medicine pills" since add value and functional performance to our 3D resins.

    We offer ready to use online the widest range of biocompatible high performance functional additives, in the 3D resins marketplace, including biocompatible accelerants, biocompatible clear and colored resolution-ers or resolution increasers, bio colors, cure testers, purification kits, cleaning fluids, diluents, rigidity modifiers, matting and opaquer additives, non stick and resistance additives, conductive additives, adhesion promoters and primers, crosslinkers, degradation promoters and testers, uv radiation protection, densifiers, flame and fire retardants, radio opaque agents, magnetic agents, polishing pastes, etc

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